Alan Gordon - Ref Week
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Referee Week: Did Alan Gordon deserve red for this challenge in Portland? You make the call - resolved!

As part of's Referee Week, we're asking you to jump into the game and make some calls yourself. Just like the guys on the field, you'll be asked to make the judgment in real time. No replay, no second looks, frame-by-frame breakdown – just one view and one split-second verdict.

For our second call, we're taking a look at San Jose's trip to Portland last month, when Alan Gordon had himself a particularly bad night. This was the least of it:

We've got a few things going on here.

First: This is a pretty bad challenge. But it's not clearly from behind, and it's not dangerously high, and would you swear under oath that Gordon's studs are up? One look is all you get, remember.

Second: Watch Diega Chará's reaction afterward. After he's taken down, he falls on his side, then rolls onto his back and pauses for a brief moment before kicking his legs straight up into the air. He then proceeds to roll ... and roll ... and roll ... and roll...

He's still rolling by the time the clip cuts off. What's going on there? Is the player exaggerating to try to draw a card on his opponent?

We'll be back in a few hours with the answers while you guys fight it out in the comments section below.

The Verdict: Gordon sees yellow

As most of you in the comments section saw, this is a clear yellow card, and it's a good "play on" as well. Hilario Grajeda gets the call exactly right, returning to book Gordon after the play has stopped.

As for Chara's histrionics, it's worth noting he hasn't rolled around like that since. So perhaps Grajeda gave him a verbal warning as well? If so, it was the right move.