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Gaven Getting Wired

For those of you who missed this past Sunday's game against the Kansas City Wizards, I'm glad to inform you that we played an awesome game. When it started, we were in fourth place and needed a win. By playing as a team, we managed to do what we strive for every game, shut out our opponents. With John's goal we put the game away 1-0. He's always in the right spot at the right time. Though his goals aren't always fancy, they make their way into the net. His awesome performances in the past games have definitely added to our team's success.

Now that we've gotten past Kansas City, we have our sights set on defeating the Dallas Burn this Saturday. One of the key factors for us is to contain Eddie Johnson, who I actually play with on the U-23 National Team. He's extremely quick and very skillful, so we need to contain him. On the defensive side of things, we need to look out for Steve Jolley who is an intense defender and very hard to get around. If we follow this game plan and continue playing the way we have, this victory will be the start of our winning streak.

I'm really excited about all the great feedback and fan mail that you guys have sent. Because I've received so much, I'll answer a few and save the rest for next time.

Cesar Hernandez asked, "How would you compare the MetroStars fans to other teams fans." Well we definitely have the best fans. Our fan club who usually sits right above the tunnel is awesome. They come to all our games, rain or shine. They even come to our road games! They have these really cool chants that really do motivate us. You also asked me who will win the Honduras-USA game on June 2nd. I have to go with USA.

Jessica Lyons from New Jersey asked what I do for speed training. I see speed as a God-given trait that can only be worked on so much. Though I will never be as fast as Michael Johnson, I not only practice on my foot work but also on my agility skills like dribbling around the cones.

Kindy Olsen asked if I was still in school and if I was attending college. I'm currently enrolled in the American Intercontinental University.

Lizzie Haldane asked if I thought that it was worth switching schools mid-way through high school in order to attend the Bradenton school in Florida, which would consequently improve her soccer skills. Just to clarify, when I switched schools, it was after my freshman year in high school, so it wasn't such a drain academically. However, if soccer is your true love, you have to follow your dreams. Bradenton will give you an opportunity to improve your skills and a potential to forward your career. Though the quality of education may vary, you will still be learning.

For the few of you guys whose questions I answered, I hope this was sufficient. I will definitely answer more of the questions in my next column - there are so many it may take a couple weeks.

Oh, by the way - make sure you check me out on MSG this Thursday at 11 p.m. They'll be showing the Metro Soccer Report, and I recently did an interview for this episode.

Take care & God bless
Eddie Gaven

PS - I won the last locker ball challenge and next week I'll tell you about our newest game!!

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