Crew may host Euro 2004 viewing parties

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The Euro 2004 Tournament is taking place in Portugal from June 12 through July 4. Euro 2004 is Europe's continental championship, a high-profile tournament featuring 16 national teams divided into four groups of four teams each. The top two in each group advance to the quarterfinal knockout stage, followed by the semifinals and final. The four groups are:

Group A - Spain, Portugal, Greece and Russia
Group B - France, England, Switzerland and Croatia
Group C - Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria and Italy
Group D - Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia and Netherlands.

Crew Stadium is exploring the possibility of showing the entire tournament. All the games take place at either 5 p.m. or 7:45 p.m. local Portugal time. Portugal is five hours ahead of Columbus, so the games would kick off at Noon or 2:45 p.m. (ET). All but the June 13 games will be shown in the Huntington Club, with those games being shown in the Stadium Club due to the U.S.-Grenada World Cup qualifier taking place at the same time that day.

Sentanta Sports out of Canada owns the TV rights to the tournament and there is a significant fee associated with showing the games. A residential order costs $179 for the entire tournament, while pubs and restaurants must charge $20-25 per person per match. The Crew is offering a package for $125 that would include admittance to all 31 games of the Euro 2004 Tournament, and a ticket to the U.S.-Grenada World Cup Qualifier. Single-game/day viewing will cost $10, except for the June 13 games, which will require a ticket to the U.S.-Grenada qualifier and cost $25. Food and beverage will also be available for purchase during the viewing parties.

For Crew Stadium to purchase the Euro 2004 Tournament, we must get a sizable number of pre-ordered commitments that will help us cover our costs. We want The Crew to continue to be the soccer leader in the industry and just like the highly successful World Cup Viewing parties in 2002, we want to make the Euro 2004 Tournament available to you the fan and make it a destination viewing spot for soccer.

You can order the full package or order on a single-game basis. To order the full package, fill out this order form and fax it back to Jeff Wuerth at 614-447-4109. If you are paying with cash the orders can be dropped off to Jeff Wuerth at Crew Stadium, or check and money order can be mailed to Jeff Wuerth at One Black & Gold Blvd, Columbus OH 43211. To order on a single-game/day basis, please designate below the games you would like to purchase. After ordering, you will be supplied a Euro tournament ticket(s) as well as the U.S. game ticket. Please call Jeff Wuerth with any questions or to order over the phone at 614-447-4174.