Audi Player Index - 2019 - Goals Drive Progress

What is the Audi Goals Drive Progress program?

A league-wide joint initiative between Audi and MLS to help progress the game of soccer - both within MLS and the United States.

Who benefits from this program?

All MLS Club Youth Academies and their players throughout the league. The overall per-goal financial contribution will be equally distributed among all MLS Club Youth Academies.

What is the MLS Academy system and what are their initiatives?

MLS Academies are the highest-level Youth Soccer Programs in North America for players in age groups U (under) -12 through U19. The teams participate in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy 10 months out of the year. These youth players must be recruited by MLS scouts and invited to join their academy.

In 2007, MLS mandated that all its Clubs operate youth academy programs to give talented players with professional aspirations the best opportunity to pursue their dreams, stay close to home, and continue their education. Every player in this youth program will have the best opportunity to realize their full potential and become an MLS Homegrown player.

Why is Audi creating and launching this program?

As MLS continues to expand, the Academy system has been identified as the key pillar of growth in order to strengthen the sport of soccer in North America. This is a league-wide objective across all clubs based on the need for resources to support the education and growth of youth soccer players. Audi wants to be part of this journey to the top and ensure its success. For every goal scored during the MLS season, Audi will contribute funds to one of the most important catalysts for building on-field talent in the league – the MLS Academy system.

How is Audi contributing?

For every goal scored in the regular season, Audi will contribute $500 into the Audi Goals Drive Progress Fund.

During the Audi MLS Cup Playoffs, for every goal scored, Audi will contribute $2,000 into the Goals Drive Progress Fund.

Finally, during MLS Cup Audi will contribute $10,000 for every goal scored in the game.

Once the season is over the total money contributed into the Goals Drive Progress Fund will be equally distributed among all 24 MLS clubs.

Additionally, there will be two opportunities for MLS Club Youth Academies to receive further funds.

First, as the official sponsor of the MLS Golden Boot presented by Audi, Audi will contribute additional funds to the Golden Boot winner’s Academy club – $1,000 per goal scored by the Golden Boot winner throughout the season.

Second, Audi will award an additional $50,000 to the club’s academy with the most fan support across social media. Visit for more information on how to show your support.

How will the Audi Goals Drive Progress funds be used?

In the overall effort to increase the level of competition in MLS and support the continued development of the best soccer talent in the world, the funds will be used by MLS Club Youth Academies on needs based in the following categories:

  • Education (technology, space, tutoring, etc.)
  • Housing (dorms, host families, meal plans, etc.)
  • Transportation (Travel stipends, etc.)

Is there a maximum amount of funds Audi is willing to contribute?

Audi committed to a maximum total amount of one million dollars to be distributed to MLS Club Youth Academies league wide.

How can fans get involved and support their club’s academy?

Every time a team scores a goal in MLS competition, fans are encouraged to post a celebratory message via Twitter or Instagram to their club’s designated hashtag and can also tag @Audi. For Official Rules please visit:

At the end of the season, the team with the highest average number of fan posts per game will be awarded an additional $50,000 for their club’s Youth Academy.

Each week fans will be able to track their team’s fan ranking on

Why are you using average number of posts per game to determine the winner of the Fan Faceoff?

Given that the program is launching at the MLS All-Star Game, there are teams that play more games than others. In order to even the odds, the average number of posts will be used. For example, if the Chicago Fire receives 100,000 Fan Posts during the Promotion Period and played 10 games, their average number of Fan Posts would be 10,000.

If my Instagram account is private will my posts still be traceable via the hashtag?

No, only posts from public social media accounts using the designated Audi Goals Drive Progress club hashtags will be traceable and count towards the total number of fan posts.

How will the leading team’s fan posts be chosen to be featured on the MLS website?

The leading team’s fan posts featured on will be randomly chosen out of all posts that used the designated Audi Goals Drive Progress hashtag of the respective week’s winning team.