Audi Player Index - FAQ

The Audi Player Index is an innovative player performance rating system in soccer that uses a data based model to record nearly every performance relevant action on the field. 88 different components, and up to 2,000 registered and evaluated player actions per match are live collected.

Why was the Audi Player Index Created?

Since 2009, Audi AG has named an MVP at the global annual Audi Cup exhibition soccer tournament. In 2015, in order to create a more objective tool for the 2015 matches, the Audi Player Index was created.

How is the Audi Player Index calculated?

Step #1: Nearly each action on the field is rated according to:

  • The amount of positive or negative impact on the team’s success
  • The position of the player and key tasks
  • The place (zone) on the field where the action takes place

How is the player data collected?

  • Player data is collected using Opta, one of the world's leading live, detailed sports data providers.
  • Three expert analysts cover each match:
    • One collects all of the home team actions
    • One covers the away team
    • One analyst checks the data for consistency and adds additional layers of data
  • Opta data is then fed through the Audi Player Index, filtering through a proprietary algorithm to generate the player’s score

What is the most influential play possible?

The most influential play, according to the scoring model of the Audi Player Index, is when a forward scores a game winning goal from outside the box. The player earns 327 points for the goal, plus 175 points for that goal as the match determinate.

What is the highest possible score per game?

There is no ceiling for how many points a player can score per game. However, previous match play experience has demonstrated that the scores of the best player vary in a range between 500 and 1600 points. The highest single game score received during the 2017 MLS season, 1786, was by David Villa of the New York City FC on August 6th vs. New York Red Bulls.

Can a player's score decrease during a game?

Yes. Actions such as failed passes, or lost tackle result in negative scoring.

What is the least influential play possible, resulting in a loss of points?

When a goal keeper commits an error leading to a goal, 360 points are removed from his score.

How frequently is the Audi Player Index updated?

The Audi Player Index is updated continuously throughout match play.

Who created the Audi Player Index?

The Audi Player Index was developed by AUDI.