Help put USWNT player Christen Press on the next Wheaties box by working out | SIDELINE

Heads up, soccer fans of the world: We must take back the cover of the Wheaties box.

There is no greater status symbol in the sports world than gracing the cover of that beautiful, orange box. And now, we have our chance to reclaim the Mt. Rushmore-like prominence for our sport.

Here's what you have to do: You have to go work out a whole bunch and track your workouts with Map My Fitness. You also have to join the team of US women's national team player Christen Press, so that your workout points count toward her total score in the race for the Wheaties box cover.

If you're already working out regularly, simply make the switch to Map My Fitness. If you're already using the program, simply sign up for the competition so that your workouts help the only soccer player in the running.

Press currently holds a fairly significant lead in the competition, but she will need your help (i.e. miles logged and calories burned) to stay there.