Wizards 2, Crew 2 -- quote sheet

if not the most talented -- skillful players I have ever seen. He's a handful. He's tough to deal with in practice, he's tough for defenders to deal with. You saw some of that today. Not only does he have great skill, he has exceptional speed. He's a lot to deal with."


On whether his late goal-mouth clearance made up for getting beat on the Wizards' first goal:
"It doesn't make up for it at all. I need to do better on that corner kick. That was shocking. Sorry about that."

On The Crew giving up two set-piece goals:
"It was uncharacteristic of us for sure. Back-to-back corners, back-to- back goals. I am sure it is something we will talk about on Monday. It will get sorted out. It wasn't like an 80th-minute thing where it kills your morale. We knew we had 60 minutes to get it back."


On his first goal:
"Thanks to Tony (Meola). He expected a cross and kind of cheated off the line a little bit and I toe poked and it was able to get by him. Normally, Tony doesn't allow goals like that to go in. I have to thank him for that."

On the Crew coming back to get a tie:
"All year we've been getting results through hard work. ... At the same time we need to not put ourselves in that situation. I think we are a better team and we haven't shown that yet. We are being outplayed but we are finding ways to get results."

On his scoring streak:
"I am just trying to win games and in the process my job is to score goals. At the same time, my teammates -- Kyle (Martino), Manny (Lagos) -- are doing a good job of creating chances for us. We are getting our chances and fortunately the goals are going in, but we still need to improve, especially on the offensive end."

On his penalty kick:
"Robert (Assistant Coach Robert Warzycha) told me to pick a spot and keep it low. It is difficult for the goalkeeper to get down and get a hand on it. I need to stop putting it in the same direction they are going in, but I am thankful they are going in."

On whether his first goal was better than scoring on a penalty kick:
"I went three games without a goal. Those weren't very fun games. A goal scorer never complains. I'll take the ones that hit off you that you have no idea what the heck is going on. I'll take 'em."


On the game:
"I thought we played well. A little sluggish to start, but it was understandable as we are still trying to flush some lactic acid out. Our response to their goal was huge. That was talent but also intestinal fortitude. We got seven points out of nine in a week's time, all on the road. Then we had five games in 14 days. That's the MLS version of the Bataan Death March. That was a lot of hard work, but my hat's off to our guys."

On the two goals off corner kicks:
"We worked on (corner kicks) in training, but we haven't had much training of late. It is ironic because we had a talk today that we needed to rev it up a little bit because we have not been doing anything on corners. It's unfortunate that we couldn't practice it but only talk about it. Kleiny (Chris Klein) then got two assists on greatly swung-in corners that didn't even come from his favorite side of the field. Lots of credit to Jimmy (Conrad) and Shavar (Thomas), too for getting their noggins on them."


On getting a tie on the road:
"I don't think we are disappointed. We had a chance to win, but if you would have told us coming into the game that we were going to tie, we would have taken it. We battled and you could tell we got tired with about 30 minutes to go in the game. Our legs got tired but out brains didn't."

On the call that led to the penalty kick:
"Jeff (Cunningham) flicked it over Nicky's (Garcia) head and Nicky had a hold of him. It is one of those things if (the referee) calls it it's hard to argue and if he doesn't call it's hard to argue. That's the way it goes. We'll take the tie."


On the Wizards two set-piece goals:
"It was just like the set pieces we have tried in practice where sometimes I've got near post and Jimmy (Conrad) goes far. On the first goal, Jimmy went near and scored and on the second one, I told him I was going near. We basically just run off each other, then wait for it. I don't know how I got up that high, I just saw it coming and went for it."

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