Revolution at Galaxy quote sheet

On the attacking trio of Ruiz, Kirovski and Herzog:
"Jovan was a good pick for Carlos because they were together with their work rate. Andreas is a guy who can deliver the ball. What happened tonight was that our team found Andy a lot more and gave him the opportunity to play-make. He rewarded us not only by playmaking, but also by scoring a great goal. Jovan's activity finally paid off with a great goal as well. I thought to a certain extent we made the game a little closer than it needed to be. We definitely should have scored a couple more at the end there; Carlos had a couple of great chances."

On scoring three goals tonight:
"Well it looks good; it's only one game and it's nice to be on top of the division instead of at the bottom of the division. We're in a good place now and we want to stay there. I think the fans saw a great game, an exciting game. I think they saw a Galaxy team that was going forward and creating chances and that's the kind of team they are going to see all season."

On containing Taylor Twellman:
"Danny (Califf) enjoys playing against Taylor. They have known each other for a long time; they were together on the U.S. Under-20's and together at (University of) Maryland. Danny reads him fairly well, so even though we play a back four, we tried to have Danny, whenever possible, play as a trailer. Whether it was on the left or the right, I thought he did a great job, those two guys (Moore and Twellman) are a lot to handle."

On the impact of Andreas Herzog:
"I think our team showed a lot of confidence in him and we showed a lot of confidence ... I knew he was ready by the way he warmed up. He is a big-time player and he's got a lot of pride; he really wanted to do well today."

On the game:

"Today we did not play our best, but we ended up winning, which is good. They scored two goals tonight and we must improve that aspect of our game. We feel relieved with this win, because, in the end, the score is the only thing that counts."

On getting three points tonight:

"It was a good start; it was great to get the three points and the win. For me, getting on the score sheet and getting the winning goal was great."

On the crowd:
"We have great support from the fans, a great stadium, and great facilities. Hopefully we will get more support in the future."

On the significance of the win:

"The most important thing is a win in the first game; how you get it does not matter, especially for us because we have so many new faces ... we still have a long way to go and we will take a win any way we can."

Looking ahead to next week (v D.C. United):
"We have a great team coming in next week and one win means nothing at this point in the season."

On his team's performance:

"I think we did some real good things, we had some real good possession but we let ourselves down with some fundamental stuff. We made some bad passes at the wrong time and made some bad defensive mistakes.

"I don't think anyone stood out. I don't think anyone was a complete standout and I don't think any one player was horrendous either. Bad decisions at both ends cost us."

On the defense:
"It was good at times. When it wasn't, we lost the goals."

On the loss:

"We just have to learn from this one. We have to look at some videotape, regroup and get ready to play two weeks from now.

"We left gaps in the midfield and the counter. That's what hurt us."

On Andreas Herzog's goal:
"We tried to read the pass. Rusty [Pierce] tried to read the pass, but he missed it by a hair. It all started with the counter. We have to go back and look at videotape and look at the counter and not let that happen as much."

On the absence of Carlos Llamosa:
"[Carlos Llamosa]'s our leader in the back. He reads it well. Not to take anything away from Rusty [Pierce] or Daouda [Kante], but Carlos just has that experience."

On the Revolution's play:

"I was disappointed slightly in our possession in the final third most of all. Being a forward, it was myself and the wingers who didn't do the job - the final pass, shot, whatever it was."

On the difference between the two teams:
"The finishing. It was a first game for both teams - we were rusty in the final third, especially. They just capitalized on their chances better than we did. We figured out a way not to take the right shot."


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