Califf discusses knee injury

Prior to finding out the results of the MRI on his sprained right knee, Galaxy defender Danny Califf had the chance to sit down on a conference call with some of the local Los Angeles media and address his situation. On Wednesday, Califf learned that he had only suffered a sprained MCL and a partial tear of his meniscus in his right knee, and would not require surgery to repair. Califf is listed as questionable for Saturday's match against the New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium.

What follows below is some of what Califf had to say on Tuesday afternoon.

Opening statement:

"I have been getting treatment on (my knee) twice day. I went and had the MRI (Tuesday) at noon. I am waiting to hear back tomorrow if anything is going to be serious and need attention or if it's just a sprain."

On whether he has suffered the same injury before:

"I actually did the same thing to my knee in December (with the U.S. National Team) and I was out for six weeks. That is something that I am definitely scared about. I definitely don't want that to be the case this time. I certainly don't want surgery but also in the back of my mind is the six weeks that I had to sit out earlier this year."

On how it has affected his mental state:

"I have been relatively fortunate (to not have suffered any major injuries). I had this same injury in January and it forced my out of the national team camp and the match against Denmark here at The Home Depot Center. To have it happen again three days before we are supposed to play Mexico frankly sucks and I am really frustrated about it.

"It was frustrating sitting there (Monday) not knowing exactly what was wrong. But, at the same time, whether the MRI comes positive or negatively, I still can't do the same things today that I could not do yesterday and I won't be able to do them tomorrow either. I find myself just waiting, hoping that "A" its not (going to require) surgery and "B", a miracle happens and this weekend I'm able to go to New England."

On how he incurred the injury:

"I tweaked it a couple of weeks ago (April 10 game) against D.C. United in the first couple minutes of the game and it has kind of been lingering. It has not kept me out of action but it was definitely there, I could feel it. Then, in the first half when I had to come off after a collision with Edson Buddle ... it really started to hurt and was stiffening up. When Cunningham tried to 'meg me in the second half, I kind of caught (the ball) between my legs and it gave out all the way."

On whether or not he has spoken with U.S. Head Coach Bruce Arena:

"I spoke to Bruce on Sunday. He was very encouraging about it and said to get better and that he would call me back in. That made me feel a lot better about the situation but it is still going to be tough to sit there and watch the game on TV."

On the need for surgery eventually if he continues to aggravate the injury

"The doctors seem more concerned about the possibility of a meniscus tear accompanying the MCL issue in terms or surgery. If (an injury) like this keeps happening, then they are going to have to do something, but the major issue as far surgery was making sure that nothing was wrong with the meniscus, or whether the problems are just isolated on the MCL."

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