Jesse Marsch - arms crossed

His team may have mauled New York City FC 7-0 over the weekend, but that isn’t stopping New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch from readying some bulletin board material for the next edition of the New York Derby.

Marsch took issue with comments made by NYCFC forward David Villa following Saturday’s thrashing at Yankee Stadium. Asked after the match about the difficulty of playing the Red Bulls, Villa gave an NYCFC-centric answer, telling reporters that any team in the world would’ve beaten NYCFC with the way they played on Saturday.

“It was a disaster day,” he said. “It was no Red Bulls. With our play today, any team in the world plays against us, win us, sure. Red Bulls or another team, it doesn’t matter.”

Marsch was asked about Villa’s comments after Red Bulls training on Tuesday, and clearly thought the Spanish star didn’t give his team enough credit for their dominant performance in the Bronx.

“That may be his feeling, but the reality is that game was put on our terms by us,” Marsch said. “And so, I take that as a knock against us and it’s something that we will remember. Listen, we did our talking with how we played and that’s, period, all that needs to really be said.”

The Red Bulls and NYCFC will meet next on July 3 at Yankee Stadium. The Red Bulls will host their Hudson River rivals in the final game of the regular-season series at Red Bull Arena on July 24.