Studio Host & Match Analyst

Tony Cherchi, who has covered soccer extensively for ESPN, Univision and Paramount, including multiple World Cups, serves as Spanish-language studio host and match analyst for MLS Season Pass. He is the host of MLS 360 en Espanol, the Spanish whip-around show covering all the key moments from every match. Born in Venezuela, from Italian and Spanish descent, Cherchi has been working in the Entertainment and Sports Industry since 1999. He spent eight years heading the sports coverage for Televen, a Venezuelan TV channel before moving to Mexico to work for ESPN International. For 11 years, he anchored SportsCenter, which was awarded the Emmy as "Standing Studio Show in Spanish" several times. Fluent in three languages (Spanish, English, Italian) Cherchi also hosted many ESPN shows such as Fuera de Juego, UEFA Champions League, Nación and Cronómetro and was featured in the first Spanish version of the famed “This is SportsCenter” campaign. He worked as a color commentator for soccer, basketball, and baseball broadcasts. In 2018, Cherchi joined Univision in Miami, hosting all soccer related shows for the network, and serving as an analyst for some of the biggest soccer games in the world such as the 2022 Champions League Final in Paris between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Throughout his career he has interviewed an array of top sports personalities going from Pelé, Thierry Henry and Pep Guardiola to names like Miguel Cabrera and James Harden. An experienced storyteller, Cherchi has helped produce and script many short and long features for sports television.