Play-by-Play Announcer

Frédéric Lord is the lead play-by-play announcer on the MLS Season Pass French broadcasts. He has handled CF Montréal play-by-play duties for TVA Sports since the club’s MLS inception in 2012. His celebrated style guided fans through many iconic moments, such as Cameron Porter’s goal at the Olympic Stadium in the Concacaf Champions league, Lionel Messi’s record five goals in UEFA champions League, and Italia’s triumph at the 2020 Euro. Lord also does the play-by-play for key tennis tournaments, such as commenting Canada’s 2022 win at the Davis Cup. Over the last decade, Frederic has hosted hockey, basketball, and numerous other broadcasts. In addition to his dedication to sports commentary, Frederic is also a published author and has participated in numerous radio programs connecting sports, culture, and politics.