Portland Timbers 2017 Roster

This roster composition page reflects players that the league has received ALL paperwork for (ITC, Visas, federation registration, etc.) in order to be officially added to a team’s 2017 roster and be made available for MLS game selection as of November 20, 2017.

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30-man Active Roster (Spots 1-30) # POS ROSTER STATUSR.S. PLAYER CATEGORYCAT. 2018 STATUS
Adi, Fanendo 9 F SeniorSR DP  
Andriuskevicius, Vytautas 5 D SeniorSR    
Arboleda, Victor 19 F/M SupplementalSUP INTL  
Asprilla, Dairon 27 M/F SeniorSR    
Attinella, Jeff 1 GK SeniorSR    
Barmby, Jack 23 M/D SupplementalSUP INTL  
Blanco, Sebastian 10 M/F SeniorSR DP, INTL  
Chara, Diego 21 M SeniorSR    
Clarke, Rennico 47 D ReserveRES INTL  
Ebobisse, Jeremy 17 F SupplementalSUP    
Farfan, Marco 32 D ReserveRES HG  
Gleeson, Jake 90 GK ReserveRES    
Guzman, David 20 M SeniorSR INTL  
Mabiala, Larrys 33 D SeniorSR INTL  
Mattocks, Darren 11 F SeniorSR    
McIntosh, Kendall 43 GK ReserveRES    
Melano, Lucas 26 F SeniorSR, On loanOL INTL On loanOL
Miller, Roy 7 D SeniorSR    
Myers, Chance 4 D SeniorSR    
Nagbe, Darlington 6 M/F SeniorSR    
Okugo, Amobi 18 D/M SupplementalSUP    
Olum, Lawrence 13 M/D SeniorSR    
Powell, Alvas 2 D SeniorSR    
Ridgewell, Liam 24 D SeniorSR    
Tuiloma, Bill 25 D ReserveRES INTL  
Valentin, Zarek 16 D SeniorSR    
Valeri, Diego 8 M SeniorSR DP  
Zemanski, Ben 14 M SeniorSR    
28 of 30 spots filled
Players that do not count against the 30-man active roster
Arokoyo, Gbenga 12 D SeniorSR, Season-Ending InjurySEI Season-Ending InjurySEI  

"R.S." = Roster Status, "CAT" = Player Category

"SR" = Senior Roster, "SUP" = Supplmental Roster, "RES" = Supplmental Roster, "OL" = On loan, "DP" = Designated Player, "YDP" = Young Designated Player", "INTL" = International Player, "HG" = Homegrown Player, "GA" = Generation adidas, "GA-C" = Generation adidas Canada, "SL" = "Disabled List", "SEI" = "Season-Ending Injury", "SPND" = "Suspended"

Roster Composition

Senior Roster (Spots 1-20)
1 Adi, Fanendo DP
2 Andriuskevicius, Vytautas  
3 Asprilla, Dairon  
4 Attinella, Jeff  
5 Blanco, Sebastian DP, INTL
6 Chara, Diego  
7 Guzman, David INTL
8 Mabiala, Larrys INTL
9 Mattocks, Darren  
10 Melano, Lucas INTL
11 Miller, Roy  
12 Myers, Chance  
13 Nagbe, Darlington  
14 Olum, Lawrence  
15 Powell, Alvas  
16 Ridgewell, Liam  
17 Valentin, Zarek  
18 Valeri, Diego DP
19 Zemanski, Ben  
Supplemental Roster (Spots 21-24)
21 Arboleda, Victor INTL
22 Barmby, Jack INTL
23 Ebobisse, Jeremy  
24 Okugo, Amobi  
Reserve Roster (Spots 25-30)
25 Clarke, Rennico INTL
26 Gleeson, Jake  
27 McIntosh, Kendall  
28 Tuiloma, Bill INTL
29 Farfan, Marco HG
Designated Players
1 Adi, Fanendo  
2 Blanco, Sebastian INTL
3 Valeri, Diego  
International slots
1 Arboleda, Victor  
2 Barmby, Jack  
3 Blanco, Sebastian  
4 Clarke, Rennico  
5 Guzman, David  
6 Mabiala, Larrys  
7 Tuiloma, Bill  
VAN on 3/11/16 (until 12/31/17)
HOU on 1/13/17 (until 12/31/17)
DC until 12/31/17 (on 12/11/16)
International players that don't count against slots
L Melano, Lucas On loanOL
I Arokoyo, Gbenga Season-Ending InjurySEI
Unavailable Players
Melano, Lucas On loanOL
Season-ending Injury List
Arokoyo, Gbenga INTL

2019 Roster Notes

  • A club's active roster is comprised of up to 30 players. All 30 players are eligible for selection to each 18-player game-day squad during the 2019 MLS regular season and playoffs.
  • SENIOR: (ON-BUDGET) Up to 20 players, occupying roster spots 1-20, count against the club's 2019 Salary Budget , and are referred to collectively as the club's Senior Roster.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL & RESERVE: (OFF-BUDGET) The salaries of players on the Supplemental Roster (spots 21-24) and Reserve Roster (spots 25-30) do not count toward a club's Salary Budget.
  • INTL: In 2019, a total of 192 international roster spots are divided among the 24 clubs. These spots are tradable, in full season increments, so some clubs may have more than eight and some clubs may have fewer than eight.
  • DP & Young DP: The Designated Player Rule allows clubs to acquire up to three players whose total compensation and acquisition costs exceed the Maximum Salary Budget Charge, with the club bearing financial responsibility for the amount of compensation above each player's Salary Budget Charge. A Designated Player 23 years old (or younger than the age of 23) during the League Year is a Young Designated Player Budget Charge. Designated Player spots are not tradable.
  • HG: A club may sign a player to a contract without subjecting him to the MLS SuperDraft if the player has been a member of a club's youth academy for at least one year and has met the necessary training and retention requirements. Players joining MLS through this mechanism are known as Homegrown Players.
  • GA & GA-C: Generation adidas (GA) and Generation adidas Canada (GA-C) are joint programs between MLS and adidas that are dedicated to developing exceptional domestic talent in a professional environment. Until a player graduates from the program, Generation adidas players are on a club's Supplemental Roster and are not charged against the team's salary budget.
  • All roster rules and regulations