MLS NEXT statement on on-field discriminatory language incidents at GA Cup


Following three allegations of discriminatory language used during two recent GA Cup matches, MLS NEXT immediately investigated and then issued suspensions in accordance with the MLS NEXT Disciplinary Code to the offending individuals for violating the MLS NEXT Safety & Wellbeing Policy. In addition, MLS NEXT immediately made resources available onsite to the affected players and clubs.

Due to the minors’ age, further details regarding the individuals involved will not be disclosed.
MLS NEXT acknowledges the New York Red Bulls’ decision to withdraw their U-15 and U-17 teams from the tournament and will continue providing all those impacted with the necessary support and resources. 

MLS NEXT remains steadfast in its commitment to eradicating discriminatory and racial incidents at every level of the game and will continue to work with all players to properly educate, train and swiftly address any incidents.