Why should my child play in an MLS GO league?
MLS GO is designed to provide all children the opportunity to start their pathway into a lifelong love for the game of soccer. Fun and affordability are at the heart of MLS GO with the ambition of enabling more kids to play soccer.

The recreational youth soccer league backed by Major League Soccer, MLS GO includes high quality MLS branded uniforms and equipment; while also providing MLS crafted and easy-to-use training guides and on-field resources.

What ages are allowed to play?
MLS GO is for all children ages 4-14.

What benefits do I get for participating in a league?
When participating in an MLS GO league, you will gain access to a safe and fun environment for your youth athlete. MLS GO has rules and guidelines that focus on teaching athletes the fundamentals of the sport, while encouraging safety and fun. MLS GO is the official youth recreation soccer experience by Major League Soccer, operating local leagues across the country with access to MLS team-branded uniforms.

How much does it cost to participate?
The cost to participate will depend on the organization. MLS GO aims to keep costs low, so that the program is accessible and affordable for families and athletes regardless of their background or circumstance.

What seasons is MLS GO soccer played?
Soccer is typically played in the Spring and Fall, but exact timelines can vary depending on location.

What equipment do I need to participate?
When your child participates in an MLS GO league, the only additional equipment you need to provide are shin guards and cleats for practices and games. With your registration fee, you receive a jersey, shorts, and socks, and your coach will have soccer balls for practices/games.

What is the time commitment to participate?
Each league will vary in their schedules, but typically leagues will have one practice per week and one game. There will not be more than two practices per week in any given league.


Who can start a league?
MLS GO is Major League Soccer’s recreational youth soccer experience, with the mission of creating an inclusive and elevated experience for children of all levels.

MLS GO is intended for independent operators and youth community organizations who want to provide a fun, affordable, and accessible soccer league experience, allowing more kids to play soccer.

MLS GO is excited to partner with potential organizers who are aligned with our mission of providing greater access and increasing participation in soccer.

I already run a successful soccer program – why should I join MLS GO?
When you join MLS GO, you have an opportunity to participate in the official recreational youth soccer experience of Major League Soccer, the professional soccer league in the US and Canada. Not only will participants receive high-quality MLS Club branded uniforms and equipment, but you also gain access to a suite of resources that help you operate your league as efficiently as possible. Some tools include:

  • High-quality MLS branded jerseys, shorts, and socks
  • Allocation of adidas soccer balls
  • Custom technology: automated team building, coach screening and recruitment tools, simple one-click ordering of equipment, and more.
  • Access to a marketing hub with editable marketing graphics and assets
  • Coaching resources, including access to MOJO, the official education and grassroots partner of MLS
  • Officiating trainings and resources

How much does it cost to become an MLS GO operator?
There are no up-front costs to become an MLS GO league operator. Once you get approved to become an operator, there is a licensing fee per athlete for the program, which includes a jersey, shorts, and socks per player and allocation of soccer balls per team.

How long is a typical MLS GO season?
A typical season should run approximately 8-10 weeks.

What is the process to become an approved league, and what do I need?
There are a few steps that need to be taken to become a league. Below is a general outline of the necessary steps:

  • Submit an interest form on the website (Coming Soon)
  • Talk to an MLS GO representative about your league
  • Officially apply with additional information, including field location
  • Discuss/provide a business plan for your league, if applicable
  • Complete a background check and SafeSport training
  • Acquire insurance, per MLS GO standards, and provide COI