NYCFC's Didychrislito maintains top spot in eMLS power rankings after League Series Two title

With eMLS League Series Two presented by Coca-Cola in the books, the attention now turns to eMLS Cup on March 20-21 at 3 pm ET.

The top 11 players on the eMLS table have qualified and the bracket is set for the biggest tournament of the year. Qualifying for eMLS Cup is based on aggregate records from qualifying matches for League Series One and League Series Two. The tournament's 12th and final berth will go to the Last Qualifier winner, which will be up for grabs on March 16-17 among the other 16 players who didn't automatically qualify for the eMLS Cup. With all that in mind, here's another round of our power rankings coming off League Series Two and looking ahead to the Cup.

Power Rankings are voted on by eMLS staff, reflecting gamers' performance both in eMLS events and on the wider pro-FIFA circuit.

1. NYC_Chris

Previous rank: #1 (no change)

It should come as no surprise that Didychrislito retains his spot atop our rankings after his big League Series Two victory. He had to work for it, but the NYCFC rep is firmly entrenched as the competitor to beat, and will remain as such until someone knocks him off the pedestal.

2. KingCJ0

Previous rank: #4 (+2 spots)

He came up just short against Didychrislito in the LS2 final, but that shouldn't take away from what was a remarkable run from KingCJO to make the final and nearly pull off the upset. The D.C. United rep moves up two spots in our rankings and deserves to be recognized as one of the top players on the circuit.

3. xbLeU

Previous rank: #2 (-1 spot)

xbLeU falls one spot, but he's got as much skill as anybody, as he demonstrated throughout League Series Two qualifying and in the knockout stage right up until he ran into Didychrislito in the semifinals. The Austin FC man is a force to be reckoned with, as he finished on top of the eMLS standings.

4. FCC Fiddle

Previous rank: #3 (-1 spot)

After winning both League Series events last year, Fiddle hasn't been able to replicate that dominant form so far in 2021, but he's still one of the most formidable competitors out there, and well worthy of his spot in the top five.

5. AlanAvi

Previous rank: #6 (+1 spot)

The FC Dallas man very nearly made the LS2 final but lost a heartbreaking penalty kick shootout to KingCJO in the semifinals. It was still a remarkable run and AlanAvi looks very much set to remain a factor, although he did finish just outside the top 11 for eMLS Cup qualifying.

6. G_Adamou

Previous rank: #5 (-1 spot)

The New York Red Bulls man had a tough qualifying run and didn't make it into the knockout stage in League Series Two, but his impressive track record and his third-place finish for eMLS Cup qualifying is more than enough to keep him in the No. 6 spot.

7. Kid M3mito

Previous rank: #7 (no change)

The Chicago Fire rep stays at the No. 7 spot after falling to KingCJO in the League Series Two quarterfinals. His 14 wins and +29 goal differential were also enough for him to qualify for eMLS Cup.

8. PhilB94

Previous rank: #8 (no change)

PhilB stays at No. 8 in our rankings and his top five finish on the overall table has him qualified for eMLS Cup. 

9. Godfather

Previous rank: #11 (+2 spots)

Godfather had been sliding of late, but his No. 10 finish on the table was enough to get him into eMLS Cup and move him up two spots inside the top 10 in our rankings.

10. Doolsta

Previous rank: #9 (-1 spot)

Doolsta nabbed the 11th and final spot in eMLS Cup qualifying, although he hasn't been quite at his top form of late. His +5 goal differential is the lowest among players in the top 11.

11. BENR

Previous rank: #14 (+3 spots)

One of the surprise rookies to burst onto the scene this season, BENR was unfortunate to lose his League Series Two matchup with xbLeU after playing ahead for most of the match. His all-out style can be risky, but it's certainly entertaining.

12. Maloney

Previous rank: #10 (-2 spots)

The other top rookie falls two spots and out of the top 10 as he looks to continue to make his name. 

13. cisseSZN

Previous rank: #13 (no change)

The Philadelphia rep is among the qualifiers for eMLS Cup after putting up a 13W-8D-5L and a +24 goal differential.

14. Alekzandur

Previous rank: #12 (-2 spots)

Alekzandur clinched his eMLS Cup berth thanks to an eighth-place finish from qualifying matches for League Series One and League Series Two.

15. RemiMartinn

Previous Rank: #15 (no change)

RemiMartinn didn't quite make the initial cut for eMLS Cup, finishing at No. 13 on the table, but is a strong candidate to make a run at the play-in spot.

16. IMCF_Pabs

Previous rank: #16 (no change)

The Inter Miami rep remains at No. 16 after finishing in the No. 14 spot on the eMLS table to put himself on the outside looking in for the time being.

17. Skill Shack

Previous rank: #20 (+3 spots)

Skill Shack moves up three spots from No. 20, but the Whitecaps man couldn't crack the top 11, with a 10W-6D-10L record and -2 goal differential.

18. tokyorift

Previous rank: #18 (no change)

The Minnesota United rep's status remains unchanged, as he gets set up for a matchup with Seattle's Adrian in the Last Chance Qualifier bracket.

19. RCTID_Thiago

Previous rank: #19 (no change)

Thiago's rankings remains unchanged as the Portland man has struggled to a 9W-5D-12L record and -21 goal differential.

20. mehdibob

Previous rank: #17 (-3 spots)

Medibob falls three spots as he looks ahead to a matchup against BENR in the Last Chance Qualifier bracket.

21. JKO

Previous rank: #21 (no change)

The New England rep's ranking remains unchanged as he finished well outside the top 11.

22. Gonzo

Previous rank: #23 (+1 spot)

Gonzo moves up one spot, but his 5W-5D-16L record and -37 goal differential leave him well outside the qualifiers. 

23. JordyReyes

Previous rank: #24 (+1 spot)

The Dynamo FC rep also moves up one spot ahead of a matchup with Maloney in the Last Chance Qualifier bracket.

24. Adrian

Previous rank: #22 (-2 spots)

It's been a tough slate for the Rave Green rep, who falls from 20 to 22 in our latest rankings. 


Previous rank: #25 (no change)

Hasib's ranking stays the same with a 4W-7D-15L record and a -25 goal differential.

26. Enzo

Previous rank: #26 (no change)

The stats aren't much prettier for the Atlanta rep, who stays at No. 26 with a 1W- 1D- 24L record and a -77 goal differential.

27. Crew96Skamzz

Previous Rank: #27 (no change)

The Crew SC rep continues to bring up the rear with a 0W-0D-26L and -92 goal differential.