NYCFC stay on top ahead of eMLS League Series Two | eMLS Power Rankings

The final round of qualifying for eMLS League Series Two presented by Coca Cola is a wrap, with the top eight teams now set for the quarterfinal stage and knockout tournament. Here are your updated eMLS power rankings before the next phase, which starts on Feb. 13-14. The prize pool for League Series Two is $15,000.

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Power Rankings are voted on by eMLS staff, reflecting gamers' performance both in eMLS events and on the wider pro-FIFA circuit.

1. NYC_Chris

Previous rank: #1 (no change)

The dominant NYCFC representative maintains his place atop our rankings after a strong showing in qualifying that saw him go 7W-3D-2L and put up a +16 goal differential. While he finished fourth in qualifying, he remains one of the most formidable competitors in the field and his status as the League Series One champ leaves him as the player to beat in League Series Two.

2. xbLeU

Previous rank: #3 (+1 spot)

xbLeU has fast become one of the strongest competitors on the eMLS circuit, and he continued his rise in the final round of qualifying, rounding out the cycle atop the field at 8W-3D-1L with 31 goals scored and just 12 allowed. Numbers like that will see you challenge for the top spot in our rankings, and the Austin FC rep will be making a play for the top spot should he continue his recent sterling form.

3. FCC Fiddle

Previous rank: #6 (+3 spots)

Fiddle is back once again as one of the most feared players out there after falling as low as No. 13 in our rankings before the League Series Two qualifiers. He finished tied with Didychrislito for the No. 4 spot in qualifying and is showing why he won both League Series events last year. The competition is fierce this year, but don't be surprised to see the FC Cincy rep right in the mix come crunch time.

4. KingCJ0

Previous rank: #4 (no change)

KingCJ0 retains his spot at No. 4 coming off a standout showing in qualifying that saw him finish second on the table at 8W-2D-2L and 40 goals scored.

5. G_Adamou

Previous rank: #3 (-2 spot)

Adamou falls two spots, as the RBNY rep finished just outside the top eight, which is unexpected given his usual dominant form and his status as the reigning eMLS Cup champion. Nonetheless, we know his skill level, which keeps him at a high spot in our rankings.

6. AlanAvi

Previous rank: #7 (+1 spots)

The FC Dallas man has established himself as one of the top players to watch. AlanAvi finishes League Series Two qualifying at No. 3 on the table, putting up the best goal differential of any player at +21.

7. Kid M3mito

Previous rank: #14 (+7 spots)

It wasn't always pretty for the Chicago Fire FC rep, as he wound up drawing four of his matches in qualifying, but in the end his 22 points from his 12 games were enough for a top-eight finish. As such, he jumps up an impressive seven spots in our rankings.

8. PhilB94

Previous rank: #9 (+1 spot)

PhilB moves up one to No. 8 in our rankings, but finishes just outside the top eight in qualifying, as he finished tied with Amadou with 21 points from his 12 matches.

9. Doolsta

Previous rank: #10 (+1 spot)

It was a tough qualifying run for an established strong competitor, as Doolsta's 5W-5D-2L record and +6 goal differential leave him on the outside looking in at the top eight.

10. Maloney

Previous rank: #12 (+2 spots)

It wasn't always pretty for the Orlando City SC rep, but Maloney has solidified himself as one of the standout performers of League Series Two qualifying at No. 6 on the table to clinch his spot. He drew six matches, but did well to not take any losses to help his cause.

11. Godfather

Previous rank: #5 (-6 spot)

Godfather continues to slide and he now finds himself at No. 11 in our rankings after finishing at No. 14 on the table in qualifying.

12. Alekzandur

Previous rank: #13 (-1 spot)

The SKC man broke even with 22 goals scored and 22 conceded, leaving him with a 6W-1D-5L record that left him at No. 13 in the standings, one spot behind where he finds himself in these rankings.

13. cisseSZN

Previous rank: #8 (-5 spots)

cisseSZN falls five spots after finishing League Series Two qualifying with an even goal differential and a 4W-5D-3L record.

14. BENR

Previous rank: #15 (+1 spots)

You could look at BENR's +3 goal differential and point out it's the lowest among all the top eight finishers, but that doesn't change the end result. The San Jose Earthquakes man has punched his ticket to the knockout round despite conceding 38 goals. He'll need to tighten it up on defense, but if you're looking for a Cinderella story, this is your player.

15. RemiMartinn

Previous Rank: #11 (-4 spots)

The LAFC rep finished at No. 19 on the qualifying table with a -2 goal differential, knocking him from No. 11 to No. 15 in our rankings.

16. IMCF_Pabs

Previous rank: #19 (+3 spots)

Pabs showed fairly well, putting up 16 points from his 12 matches and holding his own against some tough competitors. It wasn't enough for a top-eight finish, but it does move him up three spots in our rankings.

17. mehdibob

Previous rank: #20 (+3 spots)

medhibob's +7 goal differential was also solid and he may have been unlucky to find himself at No. 17 on the table. He moves up three spots from his previous place in our rankings at No. 20.

18. tokyorift

Previous rank: #18 (no change)

The Loons rep didn't finish in the top eight but also had a pretty solid showing, finishing in the 12 spot and posting a +5 goal differential. It wasn't enough this time, but he's one to keep an eye on in future events.

19. RCTID_Thiago

Previous rank: #16 (-3 spots)

It's a three-spot fall for the Timbers rep, who never really seemed to hit the form we know he's capable of in qualifying, taking 18 points from 12 matches. 

20. Skill Shack

Previous rank: #17 (-3 spots)

Skill Shack falls three spots after taking just nine points from 12 matches and finishing with a -12 goal differential.

21. JKO

Previous rank: #24 (+3 spot)

It was a tough run for the Revs man, as he finished at No. 22 on the qualifying table, but he does jump three spots in the Power Rankings due to some improved performance late.

22. Adrian

Previous rank: #21 (-1 spot)

The Rave Green rep falls down one spot as he continues to struggle with just 12 points from his 12 matches and a -15 goal differential.

23. Gonzo

Previous rank: #23 (no change)

Gonzo stays at No. 23 after taking losses in nine of his 12 matches and posting a -12 goal differential.

24. JordyReyes

Previous rank: #22 (-2 spots)

Houston's JordyReyes falls two spots, as he conceded 41 goals in his 12 games and finished in the No. 21 spot on the table.


Previous rank: #25 (no change)

No change here for the St. Louis City SC man either. Hasib went 1W-4D-7L with a -11 goal differential to finish well outside the top eight.

26. Enzo

Previous rank: #26 (no change)

Enzo remains in his same spot as one of two competitors to go winless.

27. Crew96Skamzz

Previous Rank: #27 (no change)

No changes for the Crew man, either, as Crew96Skamzz found himself as the only player to not record a goal in any of his 12 matches.