As of September 15, 2022

MLS NEXT implemented a fine system in the 2021-22 season to raise the standards of program in its second season.

The fines were designed by the MLS NEXT League Office in coordination with the MLS NEXT Executive Committee with a focus on maintaining the integrity of the competition, improving the administration, standardizing availability of player development resources, and fulfilling commercial obligations.

Any funds collected from fines will be reinvested into player development initiatives with a focus on increasing access to play. Funds will be allocated at the discretion of MLS NEXT with input from the Executive Committee.

Fines will be effective immediately.


Failure to play regular season, qualifying, or playoff games

  • $5,000 per game (not fixture)
  • Automatic disqualification from Playoffs for all teams at Club

NOTE: Does not include cancellations for COVID 19, weather, abandonment of match for safety of participants (at discretion of MLS NEXT staff), or other circumstances approved by MLS NEXT staff.

Significant change to game time location by home team

  • Within 2 weeks prior to game = $50 per game
  • Within 1 week prior to the game = $100 per game
  • Within 48 hours of game = $500 per game plus visiting team travel expenses (if impacted)

NOTE: "Significant change" is any change impacting the kick off time by one hour or more.

Removing your confirmed club or team from an event after the registration deadline has closed

  • $2,000 per club

NOTE: Does not include removals for COVID 19

Failure to upload quality video by 12:00 PM ET on Tuesday after games (U15 to U19)

  • 1st Offense = $50 per game
  • 2nd Offense = $100 per game
  • 3rd Offense (and after) = $250 per game with potential for additional sanctions (i.e., point reduction)

NOTE: Filming and sharing of U13 and U14 games are recommended for developmental purposes. If home team is not planning to film or share footage, then they are required to notify the visiting team in advance of the games and provide a reasonable filming location.


Partner obligations: patches, adidas ball, etc.

  • 1st Offense = $100 per game
  • 2nd Offense = $250 per game
  • 3rd Offense (and after) = $500 per game with potential for additional sanctions

Please contact Emilio Gulati if you have not received any of the above items or you will not be able to fulfill any of these responsibilities.

Other Violations

  • (i.e., Player Movement) will be considered in the future.
  • All home clubs must provide a Qualified Medical Professional (QMP) for all matches as outlined on pg.46 of the MLS NEXT Safety & Wellbeing Policy.
  • Failure to provide a QMP= Up to $1,000