FC Cincinnati's Fiddle, D.C. United's KingCJO make US eNational Team

FC Cincinnati eMLS player Fiddle and D.C. United representative KingCJO have made the U.S. eNational Team (USeNT) after winning the Xbox bracket of the U.S. Soccer eNT Open on Friday.

It marks the second time that Fiddle (real name Gordon Thornsberry) will represent the US, while it's the first foray into the USeNT for KingCJO (real name Mohamed Diop).

The U.S. Soccer eNT Open was comprised of the top seven American players on PlayStation and the top seven American players on Xbox competing in a double-elimination format, per the FIFA Global Series Rankings, and the PlayStation and Xbox winners from the open competition that took place between April 1-3.

The pair will now form the two-player squad which will represent the United States during qualification for the FIFAe Nations Cup 2021 and other eNational Team events during the year.

Both players are among the more accomplished competitors currently on the eMLS circuit, with Fiddle winning the eMLS League Series One and League Series Two titles last year, while KingCJO went all the way to the final of this year's League Series Two before falling to eventual champion Didychrislito of NYCFC.