Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre

Capacity: 48,849

Opened: 1969

Cost: 290-330 million reals ($130-$142m) on renovations

History: The home of Sport Club Internacional, the stadium took nearly a decade to build and was constructed with the help of the club’s supporters, who donated bricks, concrete and iron. It is nicknamed "The Giant of Beira-Rio" for its location on reclaimed land along the Guaiba River. The venue has been host to a number of derbies between Porto Alegre’s two rival clubs, the other being Gremio. The club-financed renovation in preparation for the World Cup has included an innovative metal roof.


  • France vs. Honduras, June 15 (Group E)
  • Australia vs. Netherlands, June 18 (Group B)
  • South Korea vs. Algeria, June 22 (Group H)
  • Nigeria vs. Argentina, June 25 (Group F)
  • Round of 16, June 30

Surrounding area: Unique from Brazil’s other large cities, Porto Alegre (Happy Harbor) was founded by immigrants from the Portugal island of Azores, located almost equidistant between Portugal and Morocco, giving it an independent feel from the rest of the country. The city lies on the eastern bank of the Rio Guaiba (Guaiba Lake), where five rivers converge to form the Lagoa dos Patos (Lagoon of the Ducks), a giant freshwater lagoon navigable by even the largest of ships, making it one of the top cultural, political and economic centers of Brazil.

US sister city: Austin, TX; Newark, NJ 

Of note: The Beira-Rio complex also houses a chapel, an events center, bars, stores and a parking lot for 3,000 cars. Parque Gigante, featuring pools, gyms, football fields, and tennis courts, is located next to it.