Watch MLS Combine: Team Chaos vs. Team Control - Sunday, January 8

The adidas MLS Player Combine will be held at the StubHub Center in Carson, California from Jan. 8-12.

Fans can attend the matches for FREE. Players will be split up into four teams to compete over three matchdays (List of all players).

Team Chaos 1, Team Control 3 (Gomez 88; Lewis 15, Delgado 26, Yueill 36)

Team Chaos lineup (4-2-3-1): Moewes; McConnell (off 46, on 75), Aubrey (off 46), Sagel (off 46), Bjornethun (off 75); Panken (off 46), Thompson (off 79); Sanchez (off 46, on 73), Shome (off 73), Wehan (off 46, on 79); Depuy (off 46, on 73, off 77, on 81) | Subs: DeGraffenriedt (on 46), DeVries (on 46), Gomez (on 46), Kutler (on 46), Nanco (on 46), Regis (on 46, off 73, on 77, off 81), Storm (on 46)

Team Control lineup (4-1-4-1): Klenofsky; Nerwinski (off 46), Schmidt, Radjen, Wilson; Wheeler-Omiunu (off 46); Lewis (off 46), Gressel (off 46, on 70), Yueill (off 70), Johnson (off 46); Delgado (off 46) | Subs: Brown (on 46), Fernandes (on 46), Ledbetter, Matsoso (on 46), Odoi-Atsem (on 46), Thierjung (on 46), Wingate (on 46)

Team Chaos (orange)
Aubrey, Brandon D Notre Dame
Bjornethun, Kyle D Seattle Univ
DeGraffenriedt, Michael D Univ of Louisville
Depuy , Nick  F UC Santa Barbara 
DeVries, Francis D Saint Francis Univ
Gomez Sanchez, Jorge F Temple Univ
Kutler, Ethan F Colgate
McConnell, Billy D Indiana
Moewes, Robert GK Duke
Nanco, Chris F Syracuse
Panken, Evan M Notre Dame
Regis, Nathan F Pfeiffer 
Sagel, Robby D Penn State
Sanchez, Eddie M/F Univ of Portland
Shome, Shamit M Generation adidas
Storm, Colton D UNC
Thompson, Tanner  MF Indiana
Wehan, Chris MF New Mexico
Coach: Pete Fewing
Team Control (white)
Brown, Jalen M/F Xavier
Delgado, Guillermo F Delaware
Fernandes, Wuilito F U.Mass-Lowell
Gressel , Julian  D/M Providence College 
Johnson, Daniel M Univ of Louisville
Klenofsky, Eric GK Monmouth
Ledbetter, Austin D SIUe
Lewis, Zeiko M Boston College 
Matsoso, Napo M Kentucky
Nerwinski, Jakob D UConn
Odoi-Atsem, Chris D Maryland
Radjen, Danilo D Univ of Akron
Schmidt, Justin D Washington
Thierjung, Christian F California
Wheeler-Omiunu, Andrew M/D Harvard
Wilson, Jordan D Kentucky
Wingate, Chris M New Hampshire 
Yueill, Jackson M UCLA / Generation adidas
Coach: Kevin Anderson