emls - 2021 - Power Rankings 4

New York City FC keep top spot as eMLS League Series Two gets underway | eMLS Power Rankings

It's almost time for the knockout portion of eMLS League Series Two presented by Coca Cola, as the league's competitors continued their qualifying campaigns in this week's slate of matches. The top eight teams will qualify for the quarterfinal stage and knockout tournament on Feb. 13-14, with one more slate of qualifying matches to go before then on Feb. 9. After two days of qualifiers, here are your updated eMLS power rankings ahead of the knockout tournament.

Power Rankings are voted on by eMLS staff, reflecting gamers' performance both in eMLS events and on the wider pro-FIFA circuit.


1. NYC_Chris

Previous rank: #1 (no change)

The eMLS League Series One champion is one of the best in the game at the moment, and he has maintained his spot atop the power rankings after more dominating form in his qualifying matchups so far. The NYCFC man currently leads all competitors in qualifying with 31 goals and looks poised to make a run at another League Series win. 


2. xbLeU

Previous rank: #3 (+1 spot)

Austin FC's representative has been red-hot, moving up to the No. 2 spot in our rankings, as he's gone 6-1-1 with a +16 goal differential in his eight qualifying matches thus far. After a strong showing in League Series One, xbLeU looks set to remain a strong factor.


3. G_Adamou

Previous rank: #2 (-1 spot)

Adamou hasn't been his customarily sharp self, as he currently finds himself on the outside looking in at 11th on the table after going 3-2-2 with a +2 goal differential through seven matches. 


4. KingCJ0

Previous rank: #6 (+2 spots)

The D.C. United rep is on the rise, moving up two spots into the top five as he's racked up a 5-2-1 record and a +11 goal differential.


5. Godfather

Previous rank: #10 (+5 spot)

Godfather has been one of the standout performers in League Series Two qualifying thus far, as evidenced by his leap of five spots from No. 10 into the top five. He's in a great position to solidify his spot in the top eight finishers, with a 5-2-1 record, 16 points and a +10 goal differential. 


6. FCC Fiddle

Previous rank: #13 (+7 spots)

Fiddle is one of the best in the game, but found himself at No. 13 in our last power rankings before these qualifiers. The FC Cincinnati man seems to be finding his stride, jumping seven spots after going 4-2-1 and putting up 14 points to put him just inside the top eight. 


7. AlanAvi

Previous rank: #15 (+8 spots)

AlanAvi has shot eight spots up the rankings thanks to going undefeated through the first two days of League Series Two qualifiers. The FC Dallas man currently sits in fifth place in the standings at 5-0-2 with a +8 goal differential.


8. cisseSZN

Previous rank: #8 (no change)

CisseSZN stays at his No. 8 spot after going 3-3-2 with a +2 goal differential. He's currently just outside the top 8, so he'll be looking to get back in contention in the next round.


9. PhilB94

Previous rank: #4 (+4 spots)

It's been an underwhelming qualifying round for PhilB so far, but the Toronto FC man is right in the thick of it, as he's just one point shy of a top-eight spot, and still has some time to cover ground.


10. Doolsta

Previous rank: #14 (+4 spots)

The same could be said for Doolsta, who is currently tied with San Jose's BENR on 12 points, but finds himself at the No. 9 spot on the table with one less game played. Doolsta is right in the mix along with the other competitors around his current spot on the table.


11. RemiMartinn

Previous Rank: #7 (-4 spots)

RemiMartinn has been playing reasonably well in qualifiers, but leads all competitors with five draws, so he just needs to work on finishing out matches. If he can start turning some of those Ds into Ws, the LAFC man could be a candidate to make a run back into the top eight. 


12. Maloney

Previous rank: #22 (+10 spots)

Maloney is arguably the competitor making the biggest name for himself during these qualifiers. The Orlando City SC rep moves up 10 spots in our rankings after an amazing performance so far that has seen him go 4-3-0 with 15 points and a +8 goal differential.


13. Alekzandur

Previous rank: #5 (-8 spots)

Usually at the top of the pack, Alekzandur currently finds himself at 17th place in qualifier points, leading to his drop from five to 13 in our rankings.


14. Kid M3mito

Previous rank: #12 (-2 spots)

Kid M3mito drops two spots as he's currently 15th in the qualifier rankings at 2-4-1, although his +6 goal differential is better than most of the competitors around him at his current spot on the table, suggesting he's gotten a bit unlucky.


15. BENR

Previous rank: #24 (+9 spots)

Along with Maloney, this is another one of the unexpected standout performers so far. He's currently one of the goal-scoring leaders and his 4-0-4 record has put him inside the top eight for the time being.


16. RCTID_Thiago

Previous rank: #18 (+2 spots)

Thiago has some work to do to get back into contention, as he's currently at the No. 13 spot on the table, but he remains within striking distance.


17. Skill Shack

Previous rank: #9 (-8 spots)

Skill Shack falls down eight spots in our rankings, as he currently finds himself in the No. 20 spot in the qualifying standings.


18. tokyorift

Previous rank: #16 (-2 spot)

Minnesota's representative tokyorift has fallen two spots after a 3-0-4 start to qualifying this week. A congested table means he's still in with a shot for a top-eight spot, however.


19. IMCF_Pabs

Previous rank: #11 (-8 spots)

Pabs has been a bit unfortunate to not be higher, as he's been saddled with draws in four out of his six matches. Nonetheless, he slides eight spots as his 1-4-2 record leaves him at No. 22 on the qualifying table.


20. mehdibob

Previous rank: #17 (-3 spots)

The CF Montréal man slides three spots, with a 2-3-3 record and an even +0 goal differential.


21. Adrian

Previous rank: #23 (+2 spots)

It's been a rough go for the Seattle Sounders rep, who has a -10 goal differential, but he's managed to win three of his matches to earn his slight bump up two spots in our rankings.


22. JordyReyes

Previous rank: #20 (-2 spots)

The rookie continues to struggle, with five losses and a -6 goal differential leaving him at No. 21 on the qualifying table.


23. Gonzo

Previous rank: #19 (-4 spots)

Gonzo falls four spots after losing five of his seven matches and posting a -13 goal differential.


24. JKO

Previous rank: #25 (+1 spot)

JKO moves up one spot, but has a long way to go to salvage a top spot as he has a 1-1-5 record and -8 goal differential.



Previous rank: #21 (-4 spots)

The St. Louis City SC rep is still finding his footing and is one of just three winless competitors in qualifying so far.


26. Enzo

Previous rank: #26 (no change)

Enzo is another competitor that has yet to notch a W and finds himself with a tough -27 goal differential.


27. Crew96Skamzz

Previous Rank: #27 (no change)

The Columbus man rounds out our rankings, as he hasn't managed to find the scoresheet yet while yielding 21 goals.