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Armchair Analyst: One big question for Vancouver Whitecaps

One Big Question: What kind of a midfielder is Inbeom Hwang?

The South Korean came into the league with a lot of fanfare after a strong performance for his country and some pretty serious reports of Bundesliga interest. And he looked like he'd live up to that early in the season, showing a sort of gliding smoothness on the ball and the ability to shape a pass with that right foot of his.

None of that ever translated to actually controlling games, or to being the best player on the field for extended stretches. Marc Dos Santos tried Inbeom as a 10, an 8 and even as a regista, but none of it really worked.

To be clear: He was far from the only player on the 'Caps who underdelivered last year but he was the one from whom, I think it's fair to say, the most was expected. And no matter what position in what formation... meh.

Chances are Dos Santos will attempt, once again, to build his midfield around Inbeom. After what I saw last year, honestly I have no idea how I'd go about trying to make that work.