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Armchair Analyst: One big question for Toronto FC

One Big Question: Can Alejandro Pozuelo, Jonathan Osorio and Michael Bradley all play in the same three-man midfield?

Bradley doesn't win the ball like it's 2017 anymore, Osorio is a No. 8 with strong No. 10 leanings, and Pozuelo was basically done playing defense by mid-summer. So the answer to this question, in 2019 anyway, was "nope."

But there are, perhaps, mitigating circumstances. First was that Bradley played a ton of time with the USMNT, which isn't likely to happen again in 2020, which should keep his legs fresher. Second is that Pozuelo, from the end of July 2018 to the beginning of November 2019, played 78(!!!) matches without a break. Somewhere in there I'd have stopped defending, too.

All those guys will hopefully have gotten a good, long rest this summer, and TFC don't have CCL to worry about in February and March for once. I still have my doubts about this trio working out as everyone hopes – Bradley's fall-off is more due to age and total mileage than just last year, I'd say – but I wouldn't stake my life on that.