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Armchair Analyst: One big question for San Jose Earthquakes

One Big Question: Is there a second scoring threat?

Quakes fans are probably sick of me harping on this, but I am officially back at it: Who besides Wondo is going to put the ball in the net? They brought Cristian Espinoza back on a record fee, but he's not a goalscorer, and Vako really hasn't been on the other wing. Shea Salinas set a career high, at age 33, with six goals last season. Carlos Fierro came in mid-season and played just 228 minutes. Danny Hoesen has always been such a smooth, easy-to-watch player that it's kind of overshadowed the fact that he's not very productive. Magnus Eriksson is reliably ok. Andes Rios is... not.

San Jose missed the playoffs last year for only one reason: They didn't have anybody except 36-year-old Chris Wondolowski who could be counted on to put the ball into the back of the net. And so far they've basically just brought back the same exact roster.

There needs to be at least one more move or it'll be another year that ends with the Quakes on the outside looking in.