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Armchair Analyst: One big question for LAFC

One Big Question: Will Bob Bradley rotate the squad more?

They played the best soccer I've ever seen in MLS, set a ton of records, won the Supporters' Shield, and suffered for it. First Carlos Vela did his hamstring in August, then Mark-Anthony Kaye did his in October, and then Latif Blessing did his in the first half of their Western Conference Final loss to Seattle. Muscle injuries are born of bad luck, but also of a heavy workload, and for three of the team's best, most important players, that workload was too much.

Judging by the preseason roster, which includes at least one trialist you're probably familiar with...

...Bradley seems determined to build a deeper squad at pretty much every spot on the pitch (though I think it's fair to be at least a little bit concerned about right back at this point).

It's the right move. They have a CCL title to compete for, and you know they're not going to ease off the throttle in the regular-season. But you also know that, after last year's playoffs, the goal is going to be MLS Cup. Bradley will want to have everyone fit and frothing at the mouth to make right what went so horribly wrong last October.