Chicago Fire teammates argue over penalty kick, then they fail to convert it

It's the type of thing that can happen when it's not clear who is the designated penalty kick taker. 

Chicago Fire FC teammates Robert Beric and Alvaro Medran had very different ideas as to who was best equipped to take the penalty awarded to the team in Orlando on September 19, 2020. And at first not even Fire FC captain Francisco Calvo could convince them.

Medran didn't cede the ball in the end, but it didn't turn out well for him or his team. And down 2-0 to Orlando City, it was a potential turning point and missed opportunity.

"I told the team in the halftime it's my fault, I take it on me," Chicago head coach Raphael Wicky said, adding it will never happen again. "I didn't assign a player who takes the penalty. But then what happened after cannot happen, it's unacceptable. If a player says, 'I'm going to take it,' then the other player has to say, 'OK, I support you.' That didn't happen on the field, they were arguing and that's not the team we want to be. That's all I can say to that."


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