Bobby Rhine tifo - FC Dallas - April 2016
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Remembering Bobby Rhine: 9 years later, FC Dallas legend's legacy lives on

It’s hard to believe, but Saturday marks the nine-year anniversary of FC Dallas legend Bobby Rhine’s sudden passing

Rhine, during his 35 years, became synonymous with the Texas-based club. He appeared in 212 games over his 10-year professional playing career, but continued to shape the club beyond retiring in 2008. Rhine became a distinguished team broadcaster and even coached in the FC Dallas Youth system. 

Those are some of the bio-related highlights, but it’s best to let those from FC Dallas and the MLS community tell it best. Steve Jolley, Rhine’s former teammate and broadcast partner, summed it up with a heartfelt Twitter post.

Dallas also have a dedicated tribute page for Rhine, showing all the ways he still shapes the club. There are several permanent tributes to Rhine around FC Dallas, including the Bobby Rhine Memorial Scholarship (awarded annually to a player in the FC Dallas Youth system) and Bobby Rhine Fall Invitational (youth soccer tournament).

When Rhine passed away, the entire league went into shock. It later surfaced that he suffered a heart attack, possibly linked to a congenital coronary anomaly called myocardial bridging, on his family’s Labor Day beach trip to Seaside, Fla.

There are plenty of moving tributes to Rhine, but few are more constant than Homegrown midfielder Paxton Pomykal sporting his old No. 19. The number was brought out of retirement, with the US men's national team prospect carrying on his legacy with grace and dedication.

Whether you're just learning about Rhine's story or knew him intimately, it's also worth checking out Nick Firchau's in-depth "The Word" story from 2013. He caught up with Rhines' former teammates and loved ones, who poignantly describe the shock of his death and his legacy in the Dallas soccer community.