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The best MLS fits for Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Gonzalo Higuain | Greg Seltzer

It's not often that three of the biggest goal maestros on the planet become available to MLS bidders at the same time, but that's exactly where we stand with the South American trio of Edinson Cavani, Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Suarez all set to go free from giant European clubs. 

The three have combined to score 1,077 goals and celebrate 44 club titles, and each have been linked more than once with a move to our shores. It's seems unreasonable to expect all of them would choose an MLS destination during this transfer window, but there should be several teams eager to test that assertion. 

With three superstars up for grabs, the obvious question is: Which one would have the biggest impact and where? Naturally, certain factors will narrow our options. Many MLS clubs already have a boutique striker on board, while others simply don't have the vacant Designated Player slot surely needed to lure their favorite. We weighed all the variables and settled on a top suggestion for each goal monster. 

Edinson Cavani

Edison Cavani might be best suited for the Impact, but is Montreal the city a good fit? | Reuters/Action Images

The Uruguay strike ace may be the toughest get of the three at this time. Cavani’s out of contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and MLS clubs aren't the only ones that will be hovering around such an esteemed freebie. When the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid are also reportedly interested, competition is as stiff as it gets.

Though Cavani remains an absolute chore to contain physically and can score any way you like, shoppers may beware that a series of niggling injuries have cost the 33-year-old 33 games over the past two seasons. It's a recent trend and not a career habit, but it is worth noting.

Best MLS fit: Honestly, my instant thought was Montreal. With his gravity pulling defenders, just think of how much more guys like Bojan KrkicOrji Okwonkwo and Lassi Lappalainen could do with some extra space. 

But given his past, Miami is definitely more his style. Cavani could get fat off the service of Rodolfo Pizarro and friends, play the big star and mentor Inter's young attack talents.  

Gonzalo Higuain

Could there be a Higuain reunion at D.C. United? | Reuters/Action Images

The 32-year-old has been informed by Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo that the Old Lady is ready to move on without him. Higuain has been slowing down quicker than the other two forwards here, accounting for "just" 24 goals over the last two campaigns (he had 23 in 2017-18 alone). 

Nevertheless, he's still as clever as they come around the box, and can alternate easily between playing silky or strong when needed. Higuain doesn't have Cavani's dead-ball prowess, but has every run-of-play goal method in his toolbox. Until now, he's also been pretty sturdy at staying fit. 

Best MLS fit: The temptation is to send Higuain to D.C. United, where he can play in the same side as brother Federico for the first time since they were River Plate pups. Of course, that probably means moving fairly new catch Ola Kamara, and I can't say Ben Olsen's club could use more turnover right now. 

So instead, I'll propose something a bit wacky. Could you imagine Higuain’s shadowy elegance lurking in the channels at the end of San Jose's discombobulating madness? I'm officially fascinated by the idea. 

Luis Suarez

Any number of teams would jump at the chance to land Luis Suarez | Reuters/Action Images

As someone who was often hanging around Johan Cruijff Arena and the Ajax training ground between 2007-10, I got to see a lot of the controversial hitman in person. As such, I remember him much more for his wizardry than his fits of madness, and fondly so. Suarez, who is basically a wicked winger and a clinical striker rolled into one, is eminently entertaining.

And while the 33-year-old has reportedly been told he's surplus to requirements by new Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman, it's certainly not because he's stopped producing. Suarez has put up at least 21 goals for eight straight seasons, and his run of notching no fewer than a dozen assists is equally as long.  

Best MLS fit: Obviously it would be swell to see Suarez link up with his good buddy Nico Lodeiro in Seattle, but they have neither the need nor a DP slot. He'd also do wonders for Nashville SC, but unless he happens to be a fiend for country croonin' and hot chicken I'm thinking he'd prefer something closer to a contender. Like Cavani, he'd basically transform Montreal. He'd instantly make Philly the favorite in the East. 

And yet, the biggest impact he could make would be to give Orlando City a proper cobra head in attack. They already have a full allotment of Designated Players, but it would be so worth it to buy one down for the goals and glare Suarez would bring.


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