How Jordan Morris has transformed himself into a modern winger | Top Tier

The Vancouver Whitecaps lamented the problems Jordan Morris caused them in their 3-0 defeat at the hands of the rival Seattle Sounders in the MLS is Back Tournament group stage.

That's a common refrain among Sounders opponents dating back to 2019, during which time the 25-year-old has compiled 13 goals and nine assists from his winger position. 

The reason behind his evolution?'s Armchair Analyst argues that he has learned to become a modern winger and the player admits it himself: 

“I feel like after my injury [ACL in 2018], my mentality switched a lot and I had a new appreciation for the game, a new passion and fire coming back. I think that was part of it," Morris said postgame. "And then playing in a new position — that’s been something I’ve been trying to work on: getting down the line and creating chances for other people, as well. That position change has definitely helped evolve my game in that way.”