Carlos Vela the future LA Laker? LAFC star shows off basketball skills with dunk

If the Los Angeles Lakers need a sixth man, they won’t need to look far. 

LAFC captain Carlos Vela, the reigning Landon Donovan MLS MVP, showcased his on-court skills with a recent 360-dunk video. Vela’s seen wearing a full Lakers ensemble and LeBron James jersey before slamming it down. It should be noted that the hoop does not appear regulation-sized.

OK, so maybe the 5-foot-10 forward doesn't have NBA-level hops for a 10-foot hoop. Still, the athleticism is there.

Vela’s already proven to be quite the crowd-pleaser in LA, placing third in a recent poll where fans were asked to rank the city's most popular athletes. James took home a resounding victory, but Vela placed third and narrowly trailed LA Dodgers first baseman Cody Bellinger.

That popularity boils down to Vela’s 2019 record-setting season 34 goals and 15 assists, all while LAFC captured a Supporters' Shield title. Vela and his Black & Gold teammates have turned game nights at Banc of California Stadium into a spectacle, too.

Now, who knows, Vela might just make a guest showing at the Staples Center when the NBA returns. He’s ready, Lakers fans.