Watch EA FIFA version of MLS Week 4 matches postponed due to suspension

A host of MLS clubs were in action on Saturday, playing previously scheduled Week 4 matches ... on EA FIFA given the suspension of MLS matches until May.

The eMLS players starred in the early slate of matches with Doolsta leading Nashville to a two-match sweep of Columbus and NYCFC's Chris Holly doing the same against Vancouver.

Then the evening slate of matches included Colorado Rapids midfielder Cole Bassett and Houston Dynamo winger Memo Rodriguez going head-to-head. It was looking good early on for Rodriguez, who took a 2-0 lead, but Bassett scored four unanswered to win the first match and then dominated in a second victory with a goal scored by Bassett himself.

Here's the full rundown of the EA FIFA matches:

  • Leg 1: VAN 1, NYC 3 / Leg 2: NYC 1, VAN 0 (REPLAY)
  • Leg 1: NSH 6, CLB 2 / Leg 2: CLB 1, NSH 3 (REPLAY)
  • Leg 1: MIN 0, MTL 2 / Leg 2: MIN 2, MTL 2 / Leg: 3 MIN 0, MTL 2 (REPLAY)
  • Leg 1: SJ 0, SKC 6 / Leg 2: SKC 1, SJ 0 (REPLAY)
  • Leg 1: COL 4, HOU 2 / Leg 2: COL 3, HOU 1 (REPLAY)
  • RSL 3, NE 2 (REPLAY / highlights below)

If you’re looking for real-life MLS games to binge watch, the full slate of MLS Classics can be found here. They're scheduled through March 31, though the FIFA slate can also satisfy your soccer cravings in the interim.