The Call Up: Social Distancing with Rachel Bonnetta and Felipe

Listen to the latest episode:

No soccer, no problem! Join Susannah and Jillian as they practice social distancing with a few friends. Fox Sports’ Rachel Bonnetta dishes on her new podcast, and D.C. United’s very own instigator, Felipe, fills us in on what the players are doing with all this free time and he has one big question: Does anybody actually like him?? Plus, Jill and Susannah are HERE for Benny Feilhaber’s retirement announcement and his epic hair evolution. Buckle up and wash those hands, The Call Up is back!

  • Intro/What’s going on – 00:00-04:35
  • Here for this: Benny Feilhaber – 04:35-08:59
  • Here for this: NYCFC band – 08:59-12:45
  • How are players staying fit – 12:50-17:13
  • Rachel Bonetta on her pod – 21:27-27:32
  • Rachel on MLS memories – 27:41-31:45
  • Rachel on the Biz – 31:45-40:43
  • What’s Felipe up to? – 40:45-45:30
  • Felipe on DC’s start – 45:32-49:05
  • Does anyone like Felipe?? – 50:45-54:27
  • Peace out/stay safe – 54:27-56:07


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