By the Way - Season 3: Episode 5

What's up, guys?

So I don't know if you noticed, but this season of By The Way took on a very reality-TV theme.

We had the “Top Chef” challenge in Minnesota.

We had the “Pros vs. Joes” with me, Calen Carr and tennis legend Lindsay Davenport.

We had a “Project Runway” situation with players from the New York Red Bulls and NYCFC.

So for our season finale, we thought it'd be really fun to do a little “E! True Hollywood Story” meets VH1’s “Behind the Music” kind of episode, to give you a sneak peek of some of the gossip and the drama that happens behind the scenes that might not have made it on camera.

And we might have gone a little bit over the top, purposely! Believe me, it's a lot of fun. We hope you like it. Enjoy!

One last thing: Make sure you go back and check out all the episodes from this season in full.