The Call Up - 2019 - episode 1 - Dax McCarty

The Call Up: Dax McCarty divulges on daddy duty

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Welcome to the The Call-Up, starring Susannah Collins and Jillian Sakovits!

Truth is, not many people are as close to Major League Soccer’s players, coaches and fans as Susannah and Jillian. Whether on the sidelines or working on feature stories, they spend much of the season on the road, interacting with the league's movers and shakers, uncovering personal stories and really going deep into the fans' experience. Close friends both on and off the field, Susannah and Jill pull back the curtain to share some of their adventures around the league and welcome fans into the conversations that up until now had stayed between them...and maybe a couple cocktails. Susannah & Jill are excited to invite you into the conversation, so come on in! This will be the second podcast on the MLS roster, joining the veteran Extratime.

On episode No. 1, Jill and Susannah let you know how to properly say Derby and let you know if they are “here for this” on teams trolling each other on Twitter. Chicago Fire’s Dax McCarty joins the show to discuss recently becoming a father and how MLS teams no longer can rely on a big second half of the season to make a playoff run.

Six reasons to listen to The Call-Up

1. They're right in the action and talk to some cool players

2. And cool people

3. No distance is too far for an MLS story



4. They are the best of FRIENDS! And that means fun

5. Unique MLS takes that no one else is talking about. We promise!

6. They know how to hunt coyotes - Long story but it's true. One day you will learn.)


The views expressed by the hosts and guests are theirs and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Major League Soccer / Soccer United Marketing.


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