Zlatan Ibrahimovic shows professionalism on "This is SportsCenter" ad

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a player possessed of tremendous skills, blessed with size, and full of charisma, on and off the field.

But behind all of the headlines and jaw-dropping plays is a sense of professionalism for the LA Galaxy star, an attention to his craft, that few fans get to glimpse.

We get a sense of that...in a manner of speaking, in a new SportsCenter ad. Featuring a shirtless Ibrahimovic and a cameo from Galaxy mascot Cozmo, a member of the team at ESPN is given a comical lesson in being a professional in the workplace.

Beyond that, Ibrahimovic was a guest on Scott Van Pelt's SportsCenter episode on Friday night, and his quips seem to have made a fan out of one ESPN staffer.