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MLS Fantasy: Best Round 16 options for clean sheet hunters

We’re just two rounds away from crowning our Midseason MLS Fantasy winner.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, the MLS Fantasy manager with the most points at the end of Round 17 will be awarded a trip for two to Chicago to see the MLS All-Stars take on Real Madrid in the 2017 AT&T MLS All-Star Game in August.

If you’re within grasping distance of this awesome prize, then you’ll be looking harder than usual to find a way to maximize your fantasy points over the next couple rounds. The best way to do that? Hunt for clean sheets.

Who are your best bets for shutouts over the next two rounds? Let’s take a look:

The Easy Stats

The first place to start your search for clean sheets is obviously the built-in Fantasy stat filter. A quick glance at that will show you that Sporting Kansas City is still on top with eight clean sheets. Chicago is jumping up the ranks and sits on an impressive seven clean sheets.

Total clean sheets is a nice stat, but it does not give us the detail we need to best maximize your points. We’ll need to break things down and look at the home and away splits to find your best chance for clean sheets this week.

Breaking It Down

Let’s stick with SKC and Chicago. Currently, SKC has allowed three goals over their eight home games, or 0.375 goals per game. Chicago has allowed four goals over the same number of games, or 0.5 goals per game. On the road SKC is averaging one goal against per game, but Chicago has allowed almost two per contest, conceding 12 times in their seven away matches.

Unfortunately for Fantasy owners looking for a simple choice, neither SKC nor Chicago have a home game this week. So, who should you target that is at home? Going simply by the numbers, New England, Orlando and Toronto have all allowed less than one goal per game at home and will be hosting weaker offenses this round.

Here’s the full table with home and away concession numbers:

Team GAA (Home) GAA (Away)
Kansas City 0.38 1.00
Chicago  0.50 1.72
New England 0.71 2.00
Seattle 0.71 2.13
New York Red Bulls 0.75 2.13
Orlando 0.78 1.82
Colorado 0.85 2.00
Toronto 0.85 1.12
Dallas 0.88 1.00
Houston 0.88 2.13
Portland 0.88 2.00
Vancouver 1.00 1.82
Columbus 1.12 2.13
New York City FC 1.12 1.36
D.C. 1.25 1.82
Salt Lake 1.28 2.86
San Jose 1.28 1.37
LA 1.33 1.56
Atlanta 1.41 1.67
Montreal 1.50 1.43
Minnesota 1.56 3.13
Philadelphia 1.56 1.00

WHICH Teams do you think have the best chance for a clean sheet in Round 16? Post them in the comments below or share your thoughts on Twitter.

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