2017 MLS supporters' group field guide: Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Photo illustration by Anthony Mendolia


Habitat: Established in 1999, the Southsiders are the largest Whitecaps supporters' group and occupy sections 248 to 254. Pre- and post-match they can be found at Doolin's Irish Pub.

Visual Identification: They're scarfers. Part of the Southsiders annual membership package comes with a new scarf every year and members wear them with pride, more frequently than scarves for the club itself. They come in handy for the group's “scarves up” chants.

Defining Characteristics: A "March to the Match" leaves from the Southsiders' pub every gameday, meeting up with other supporters along the way. They're also the only Vancouver supporters' group with on-pitch capos, leading chants throughout the 90 minutes.

Songs and Calls: The group's two signature songs are “Boundary Road” and “We're Blue, We're White," both of which date far back to the Whitecaps' pre-MLS days.

Curva Collective

Habitat: Established in 2011, the group occupies sections 203 and 204, in BC Place's West Curva. Their pre-match watering hole is the wonderfully named Devil's Elbow.

Visual Identification: You'll know them by their tifo displays and two-sticks. They're also often seen with their shoes up in the air for their “shoes off” chant. Sometimes their shirts are off too, especially for the post-game “Humba” with a 'Caps player following wins.

Defining Characteristics: Curva's motto is “giving our all," with the focus on visual displays and vocal unity. The group comes out to actively, and noisily, support the Whitecaps at all levels, from the MLS team down to the Residency. Curva are known for their matchday tifo and getting into the stadium early to support the players beginning with pregame warmups.

Songs and Calls: Their style of support features influences from all over the world, but mostly from continental Europe and South America. The two songs/chants that Curva have brought to supporters' culture in Van City and that the group feels are most meaningful are “Loyal To The Caps” and “Sweet Dreams."

Rain City Brigade

Habitat: Established in 2010, they occupy section 201 in BC Place. Their pre- and post-game pub is Library Square.

Visual Identification: You'll know RCB by their predominantly black garb, particularly their scarves, T-shirts and hoodies. A lot of members of the group wear cut-off denim jackets with patches, a nod to their musical influences. They're probably the most tattooed group of the three.

Defining Characteristics: They're a diverse group of members from all over the world, united by their passion for the game. The group follows a more English style of supporters' culture.

Songs and Calls: The group introduced “Victory” into the Whitecaps' song book, with a nod to Australian side Melbourne Victory.