Colin O'Brady - Portland Timbers fan - scarf on mountain
Colin O'Brady/BEYOND 7/2

Portland Timbers fan makes history in scaling seven summits, both poles

If you know anything about elite mountain climbing, you know that climbers can't pack any extraneous material on their trips.

No creature comforts, as any unneeded items will weigh down the climber and put him or her at greater peril in undertaking one of the most dangerous activities possible.

Still, it was pretty cool to see Colin O'Brady, a Portland native and Portland Timbers fan, find a bit of room for a fairly lightweight Timbers scarf, as he scaled not just one summit recently, but seven, and in record time.

O'Brady, a triathlete and adventurer, reached the highest peak on all seven continents and both the south and north poles -- known as the Explorers Grand Slam -- and in world-record time. He completed the very ambitious project in a mere 139 days, and he showed his Timbers pride throughout the trip.

Read more about O'Brady's accomplishment, done as part of a campaign for charity to combat childhood obesity, in Tim Froh's profile on