Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux star in Sports Illustrated photo shoot
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Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux open up about marriage, pregnancy

It wasn’t exactly what they were expecting, but the news that they’re expecting a child might just be “the best thing that’s ever happened to” FC Kansas City and US women’s national team striker Sydney Leroux and Sporting Kansas City forward Dom Dwyer.  

Leroux and Dwyer, who were married early in 2015, had big plans for 2016. They were finally living and playing in the same city, with Leroux joining Dwyer in Kansas City when she moved to FCKC in January. Dwyer was prepping for the MLS season with SKC and Leroux was readying for the NWSL campaign and Rio Olympics when they got the news that would change their lives.  

"Fast forward to January. Something is just off with me, and I called him and we were FaceTiming. I was like 'I'm going to take a pregnancy test,'" Leroux told ESPN’s Sara Walsh in a joint interview with Dwyer. "So I take the pregnancy test, and we're still on FaceTime, and I put it on the counter. I look and it says 'pregnant.' And I don't even say anything. I think I said 'Oh my god.' And I flipped the FaceTime screen and so all he sees, as well, is 'pregnant.'"

Leroux and Dwyer, who are expecting a boy, opened up about the pregnancy, their marriage and their thoughts on parenthood in their interview with Walsh, which you can watch here.

“I feel so much more of a responsibility now. It's something that we created together," Dwyer said. "When it's your wife, you love them a certain way, but when it's your child, you love them a totally different way."