Meet the go-to tattoo artist for Portland Timbers players & supporters | SIDELINE

Choosing a tattooist is kind of like choosing where to eat sushi: Make sure it's legit. (Trust me.)

If you're a Portland Timbers supporter -- or player -- that means going to TigerLily Tattoo to visit Igor Mortis, the go-to inker for the Timbers Army.

"I like tattooing (people from) the Timbers Army," Mortis told The Oregonian recently. "You have an immediate bond."

Mortis, 54, is a native of Amsterdam who moved to Portland in 2006 and immediately adopted his local club. Since then, he estimates, he's tattooed lots of axes, roses, and recently championship stars, on more than 80 Timbers Army members and about 20 players.

His most recent player customer? Maximiliano Urruti, who now sports a Mortis masterpiece: the MLS Cup.

Hear from Mortis and see his Timbers tattoo designs at