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Fantasy Boss: With only three games in the round, who are the best options?

TRANSFER DEADLINE: Wednesday, 7:30 pm ET

There is nothing better in life than getting things for free, and over the next two rounds, MLS Fantasy Soccer Manager is giving all managers unlimited transfers to help deal with the international window. It’s a good thing, too, because there are only five teams playing this week and one team has a double game week. We’re likely to see a lot of similar teams this round, so here’s my list of top picks to either confirm your thoughts or give you some gameday ideas.


DGW Pick: If you are trying to squeeze the most minutes out of your keeper this week, then Evan Bush (MTL, $5.5m) is the obvious choice. Even with the potential of players being rested during their DGW, it’s very unlikely the Bush will be one of them. The downside? The Impact are playing two road games this week and their clean sheet history on the road is not the best.

Value Pick: If freeing up as much money for your offense is your goal, then you should again consider Jesse Gonzalez (DAL, $4.2) as your 'keeper. While he does not have many recent clean sheets, Dallas is the only team with a defense not suffering from injuries, call-ups, or card warnings.


DGW Pick: There are two main options if you want to have a Montreal defender this round, Laurent Ciman ($6.9m) and Donny Toia ($5.3m). The first offers the potential for big clearance, block and interception returns and bonus points, but I recommend you pass because we have not seen these numbers since the start of the season and he’s just one yellow away from suspension. The other offers consistency, and that’s the most important factor when you’re chasing clean sheets from a DGW player.

Big Points: With so few options this round, it’s easier than ever to splurge on a defender if you want a big name. My suggestion is to spend that money on Matt Hedges (DAL, $9.8m). Hedges is currently the third highest scoring defender and has excellent CBI production over his last five rounds. Even without a clean sheet, a four to five point game is still possible.

Shield Battle: If you are trying to maximize your New York Red Bulls coverage for this round, then grab Damien Perrinelle ($7.1m). His mid-range price is easily affordable this round and he has the ability, though not the consistency, to get bonus points from high CBI numbers. The Red Bulls are also fighting for the Supporters' Shield so you know they are not going to take it easy as the season winds down.


Bull Market: If you are looking for two of the best midfielders for this round, then look no further than the Red Bulls’ Sacha Kljestan ($10.6m) and Lloyd Sam ($9.7m). We’ve all seen Kljestan’s point ceiling skyrocket through this season, so including him on your team should be a no brainier. Sam, on the other hand, started strong, cooled off in the middle of the season, but seems to have hit a new run of form that is very promising for their home game against the Impact.

DGW Question: If you want to load your team up with Montreal players for the DGW, then Ignacio Piatti ($10.5m) could be the ideal player to get. However, he missed the previous three games and has only recently rejoined the team for practice. His value to the Impact’s offense has clearly been shown, but any manager considering him should keep an eye on the rosters today and make a game day decision.

On Form: If you want to go against the grain, then take a look at Michael Barrios (DAL, $8.2m). I’m not normally a fan of away teams, but with Fabian Castillo missing and Barrios’ rising form, I believe he’s poised to have a good day against a Vancouver team that is missing several key defenders.


Must Haves: There’s no reason to dwell too long on forward selection this round because Bradley Wright-Phillips (NY, $11.3m) and Didier Drogba (MTL, $10.6m) are easily the two must-haves for this round. New York has an excellent scoring record when at home and Montreal’s DGW gives Drogba two chances to show off his skills. I would not be surprised to see each of these players come away with two goals.

Differential: If you want to true differential forward for this round, then David Texeira (DAL, $7.3m) is your man. He has not always seen a lot of playing time, but after scoring two goals last week against Houston, Texeira should have earned another 90 minute shift.

These are some of the player I like for Round 32, do you have any others to add? Share them in the comments below and don’t forget to stop by MLS Fantasy Boss for all of our latest charts, articles, and live chat. Good Luck!