Kyle Martino in his new Travel Channel series

Watch Kyle Martino get boho in Berlin on his new Travel Channel series last night | SIDELINE

Kyle Martino is seriously winning this whole life-after-pro-soccer thing. It’s been about seven years since the former Columbus and LA player hung up his cleats in MLS.

But his star power’s only increased since through his color-commentating TV spots – and the sports globe-trotting he racked up lent him some expertise in culcha, too. Hence Martino’s new TV gig has almost nada to do with soccer. He’s now cohosting a Travel Channel version of the New York Times’ “36 hours” series, where they tell you what to do in a cool city in, uh, 36 hours.

While you could definitely squeeze in a nice 90 minutes of soccer in those 36 hours, last night’s debut episode skipped that. Instead, Martino and his co-host, Kristen Kish, winner of Top Chef season 10, caught up with the suggestions in the Times column “Berlin’s Wild Side.” That means yes, techno, graffiti, and all that legendary, wild urban boho stuff you hear about regarding Berlin these days. Go ’head Kyle, let your hair down!

Cord-cutters, rejoice! The channel has kindly put the whole premier episode online, and you can watch it below. There's also plenty of complementary content on the actual New York Times web site, like this video excerpt in which the hosts learn about swingin' expat life in Berlin. Or, if you actually have cable (woohoo!) you can catch the series in real-time on Mondays at 8 pm ET. The next episode, on August 24, focuses on Nashville -- so we can expect more music and food porn galore.