Friday, July 24 | AT&T MLS All-Star Week events

AT&T MLS All-Star Week

6:00 - 8:00 PM

MLS Happy Hour

Open to fans age 21 or older

Join us after work at Skyline Park's Block 1 to celebrate the start of MLS All-Star Week and to kickoff your weekend.

6:00 PM

Gaiam Athletic Yoga presented by AdvoCare

FREE with Fan Pass

We are teaming up with Gaiam to bring yoga to Skyline Park. The 60 minute sessions are presented by AdvoCare and led by a certified CorePower Yoga instructor.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in. Limited to 35 participants. Access will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration does not guarantee access.

8:00 PM

MLS Movie Night presented by Kicking + Screening Films

FREE - no registration required.

Join us at Skyline Park to watch a series of great soccer films on our big screen.

  • Game — An animated film about the beautiful game. (3 minutes - Director: Ina Nikolova)
  • Bounce, This is Not a a Free Style Movie — The playful short film takes viewers on a trip around the world - to beaches, ski slopes, museums, deserts, bustling cities, rug markets, music festivals and deserted alleys — with one man and his soccer ball. (4 minutes - Director: Guillaume Blanchet)
  • A Brief History of Soccer — An animated history of soccer. (5 minutes - Director: Case Jernigan)
  • Goal — A soccer ball on a journey to regain its once held glory, finds something far more valuable along the way. (5 minutes - Director: Paul O'Hannigan)
  • Muerte O Gloria — The story of the D.C. United fan is essentially the story of the MLS fan from the beginning, and this one digs back into the roots of MLS's supporters groups culture. (22 minutes - Director: Mark Yancey & Brittany Pope)
  • Sons of Ben: The Movie — The story of a passionate group of North American soccer fans who embark on a quest to bring a Major League Soccer franchise to their city, exploring how the experience changes them and a struggling city by making them both a part of something much larger. (75 minutes - Director: Jeffrey Bell)

AT&T MLS All-Star Week

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