MLS Fantasy Doctor: Take full advantage of the first double game week of the Fantasy season

TRANSFER DEADLINE: Wednesday, 10 pm ET

Welcome to our first double game week (aka DGW) everyone! Double the minutes, double the point opportunity, double the fun.

The key to unlocking points this week is no secret: Vancouver get Columbus Crew SC at home and then have a relatively short road trip to San Jose. Meanwhile, the Crew SC games bookend a literal coast-to-coast flight.

This week’s Monday Morning Centerback took a look at some Crew SC players who could be good additions, and if you’ve already reached your limit of Vancouver players that’s something worth taking a look at. Since Vancouver have been steadily good leading up to this DMW, for some of you transfers this week are more about balance.

Our patient today is The Big Larentowski (good team name) whose case is more mild discomfort than outright pain. Let’s see if we can provide some relief.

Dear Fantasy Doctor:

I’ve been stuck with an avg of 50 past two weeks with players facing bench time. I have one move left to make, and $1.5 in the bank. Any advice?

I like your case because it fits right into the principles of applied Fantasy advice, which of course was my focus at Fantasy medical school. You are maxed out on Vancouver players, and one of your four is a rookie who you have stashed on your bench. There’s a Whitecaps standout on every level of your outfield. As much as I’d like to just say add David Ousted ($5.5) and close the case, it’s just not feasible without using your wildcard.

The amount of travel Columbus have to undertake this round makes me wary, but, as an upside, their schedule in the coming weeks makes them more attractive. If we can find a way to add in a Waylon Francis ($6.6) or an Ethan Finlay ($8.1), then we could have long term payoff.

The toughie for me is who to transfer out. I like your Dallas block, Philadelphia has the double match next round, and Kaká does a great job of being Kaká. That leaves Ike Opara, and I think – at least temporarily – this is your best bet.

It’s going to be weeks until Kansas City get a match where Opara might be up for a clean sheet bonus. What makes him valuable is his ability to score goals, but it's not necessarily a given at his position. There’s risk transferring him out for Francis, but it’s my recommendation for what to do with your last transfer.

Of course, you don’t have to use your transfer at all. I know you want to break past your 50 point plateau, but you’ve certainly got players in place to do that this week. Francis vs. Opara could be an eight point double match performance versus a two point no goal performance. It’s worth considering ahead of the transfer deadline.

Hope this helps!

The MLS Fantasy Doctor

Fancy yourself a Fantasy Doctor? Give your alternative diagnosis in the comment section below. After all, a second opinion never hurt.