PHOTO: New York Red Bulls' Ambroise Oyongo seen innoccently wearing Real Salt Lake jersey | SIDELINE

New York Red Bulls defender Ambroise Oyongo scared a few folks on Wednesday when he posted the following photo to his Instagram account.

That's Oyongo, the Red Bulls' 23-year-old left back, wearing a 2014 Real Salt Lake jersey.

A handle of Red Bulls fans freaked out in the comments section when they saw the photo, but let's give Oyongo a break here. Maybe it's laundry day and he really hates doing laundry — because who doesn't? — and he's just trying to make what he's got last an extra day.

Alas, no big deal, Red Bulls fans.

Here's the question: When, if at all, is a player allowed to wear the shirt of another team? Never? Whenever he wants? On laundry day?