Contest: DeAndre Yedlin, Mix Diskerud create beach artwork portraits of one another | SIDELINE

DeAndre Yedlin and Mix Diskerud have given up professional soccer in order to forge lucrative careers as street artists.

At least that's the way the two US national teamers are spending their respective offseasons these days. The two, along with fellow USMNTer Joe Corona, have spent some much deserved downtime in Southern California this week, chronicling their adventures on their respective Instagram pages.

In order to fit in with the laid-back locals, they've used the mother of all of nature's creations to express themselves through creative pieces of interpretive art — the beach — and they're in need of judges to help decide whose artwork is the best.

Check out the following Instagram videos for details.


My portrait of @mixdiskerud

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My portrait of @yedlinny VOTE FOR ME!

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