Mike Petke gesticulates during NYvCLB
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Red Bulls coach Mike Petke defends Revolution's MLS Cup run against bitter sports columnist | SIDELINE

The lesson to be learned in the hours following the 2014 MLS Cup final on Sunday was, undoubtedly, "don't mess with Mike Petke."

To be fair, the fans of MLS already knew that, so we'll narrow that lesson down to, "don't mess with or hate on something Mike Petke loves." In this case, that something is soccer, and the implied "you" from the above command is Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy.

The New York Red Bulls head coach took to Twitter following the New England Revolution's painful 2-1 MLS Cup loss to LA, which prompted another the perpetually soccer-hating Shaughnessy to launch another tired diatribe which we won't even dignify by embedding in this post, instead linking you to it, here.

Game, set, match, Petke. Of course, to be fair to Shaughnessy, he's not actually interested in having a conversation about anything so much as he enjoys sharing a good "hot sports take" at any chance, so he was never going to come out on top in an actual debate.