Omar Gonzalez, Juninho steal the show in LA Galaxy's MLS Cup locker room celebrations | SIDELINE

After winning three MLS Cups in four years, those LA Galaxy guys are getting pretty good at that whole "celebrating championships" thing, aren't they?

So good, in fact, that defender Omar Gonzalez now has a post-MLS Cup locker room celebration "tradition," one that began in 2012 and Gonzalez continued on Sunday following the Galaxy's 2-1 final victory over the New England Revolution.

In case you'd forgotten, here's Gonzalez celebrating the Galaxy's 2012 Cup win.

Then there's Brazilian midfielder Juninho, now a three-time Cup winner himself, who lived out every U-9 soccer player's greatest dream: to slip-n-slide with teammates through the locker room after winning a league championship.

So here's what we want to know: whose MLS Cup post-game celebration was better? Juninho's slip-n-slide through beer and champagne, or Gonazlez's robe reveal redux?