VIDEO: Four USMNT stars try their luck at half-court basketball shots, fail pretty badly | SIDELINE

For all the American soccer fans out there who also happen to enjoy seeing the US pretty regularly dominate the international basketball scene, let's be thankful that the NBA exists and the US national soccer team isn't called upon to compete in the Olympics and FIBA tournaments.

Because, well, above you can watch four guys who'd either never make the team in a soccer-to-basketball swap, or at most, never get off the bench.

While in London for national-team duty two weeks ago, USMNT players Brad Guzan, DaMarcus Beasley, Geoff Cameron and Alejandro Bedoya took turns heaving half-court shots at Tottenham Hotspur's training facility.

While one of the wannabe hoopsters did actually sink a half-court shot, only about one in five shots actually came close (i.e. hitting the backboard and/or rim). Way to support your hometown NBA teams, though, everybody.