VIDEO: Episode No. 3 of Chipotle's "Harry Shipp: Being Homegrown" series — Gameday | SIDELINE

Harry Shipp is kind of becoming a rock star in Chicago.

As evidenced in the first two episodes of Chipotle's "Harry Shipp: Being Homegrown" video series, the rookie Chicago Fire midfielder feels a special affinity for the club due to his Chicago roots. For that same reason, the local fans love him a bit more than your run-of-the-mill newcomer, MLS Rookie of the Year finalist or not.

In Episode No. 3 of "Being Homegrown," titled "Gameday," the love for Shipp is on full display as fans created very punny "That Shipp Cray" t-shirts with Shipp's face on the front.

The Shipp love isn't all about a last name that lends itself to lots of great puns and fan chants. The joy and celebration of fans wasn't bad when Shipp provided the assist for the Fire's only goal of the game either.